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Security Camera King is the number one place to purchase Security Equipment Online, for all your security needs! There are so many different components to security, and achieving a level of security we’re comfortable with at our home, business, or even both. That’s why Security Camera king has strived to always be at the forefront of offering the newest, most high-tech, trusted, and dependable Security Equipment Online.

As mentioned above, there’s a lot of different types of security equipment out there. It can be difficult in any field to keep up with every option, all the terms, what these things mean, and how they benefit us. With the security field, however, it’s especially important to be aware of the changing and available technologies in order to always stay ahead of the game, and remain the most secure. In this article, we’re going to talk about the different categories we carry of security equipment online. First, we’ll break things up into two main categories, and then within those categories, we’ll talk about some of the newest techs and features, as well as some of the product types you might find.

Security Equipment Online – CCTV:

Probably the most commonly known component of a functioning security system is CCTV. CCTV is closed-circuit television, and the purpose of it is to provide security-based video surveillance to a given location. As you know, it’s often very difficult to ensure you can see and be aware of every single thing that happens all over your home, or place of business all day every day. In fact, that feat is not just hard, it’s impossible. CCTV allows you to be able to capture footage from strategically placed cameras, and access that footage either via a live view or a playback option. This is all done by way of a central recording station called either a DVR or an NVR which is connected to your cameras. Your cameras can come in either COAX or IP camera tyes. This essentially determines the way by which your cameras communicate with your recorder, and potentially what kind of recorder you’re going to choose.

Coax Cameras
Coax cameras work exclusively With Digital video Recorders, also known as DVRs. They connect via RG59 COAX Cable and come in a variety of styles, shapes, features, and image quality standards. COAX cameras are still commonly used today but are slowly becoming less popular compared to IP cameras. However, on sites where coax lines have been ran already, using newer super HD CAX cams can be very cost-effective.

The most commonly purchased and used security equipment online is the DVR. DVRs are very versatile pieces of equipment. This because they can be used to capture the video and record it to a hard disk from COAX cameras, but in many cases IP cameras as well. This means that on existing systems where one might want to upgrade by adding IP cameras, they can still do so using a DVR.

IP Cameras
These types of cameras contain the most advanced features and the highest image qualities currently available. They are connected to your recorder via either a Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cable over a computer network. This can be an NVR, via onboard POE ports, an external POE switch, or a POE injector. It’s also possible to use IP cameras with DVRs on the same network if the DVR is compatible with IP cameras.

An NVR is a network video recorder. To use the most advanced AI features available, and utilize many IP cameras as a part of a single system, you would need an NVR. NVRs connect exclusively to IP cameras and cannot work with COAX cameras.

Security Equipment Online – Access Control:

Access Control is a series of technologies that allows the user to limit the usage of entry/exit points like doors and gates. This is done via a combination of advanced electronically powered locks, access control network hardware, and PC software.

Magnetic Locks:
Magnetic Locks or Mag Locks are high-powered electromagnets capable of holding from 600-1200 lbs of force shut. that means someone would have to use 1200 pounds of pulling power to rip the maglock open! That is some serious security. The devices are guaranteed to keep your door secure, even if large amounts of force are applied to open them.

Like maglocks, strikes are designed as a lock/unlock solution more advanced than a simple deadbolt. Unlike maglocks, however, strikes don’t rely on high-powered magnets. Strikes are mechanical devices that function similarly to an extremely tough deadbolt. The best strikes we carry are rated for 2200lbs!!!

Like a motherboard in a PC, The access control board is basically the heart of the AC system. All AC devices such as locks, readers, buttons, and even your network, communicate with each other via the board.

Readers –  and –  Buttons:
When you or another authorized person wants to use a door monitored by your AC system, they’ll need to interact with either a reader or entry-exit button. The readers come in a variety of purposes, designed to read Keyfobs, keycards, as well as accept pin numbers. The buttons also come in both push, and contactless varieties to keep a more sterile work environment.

From a local PC authorized for use with the system, you can set up and configure a number of parameters including your authorized personnel, scheduling systems for access, monitor and manually control any door locks or devices connected to the system, right over your Pcs network

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