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Set Up P2p on your Security Recorder

Set Up P2p on your Security Recorder
Hi Everyone, Joe here from SCK with other articles and accompanying setup vid; Today we’re going to be getting our Elite Recorder Ready for remote viewing by showing you how to set up P2P.  This same process will be used on any Elite recorder, DVRs and NVRs alike. P2P is very secure and super simple to set up. For those reasons, we recommend you set up p2p as your go to method to get remote viewing work. So, what is P2P anyway? Well P2P is short for “Peer to Peer” networking. A Peer to Peer network is when two or more devices share data using a third-party server to exchange this information. In this type of connection both the Recorder- and your device connect to a “middleman” server. This server handles the secure connections allowing the two devices to communicate through it. It also prevents anyone without the proper information or credentials from accessing the recorder. 

After you are finished with our  “Set up P2P” Guide, be sure to check out our videos on adding a Recorder to your smartphone, computer, or tablet! So Before we get started, make sure your recorder has been initialized and has gone through its rudimentary setup- if so we can move on to our pre-setup checklist:

-First! Make sure The Recorder is powered on, and you can see your cameras on the local display. 

-Next! Make sure there is an Ethernet Cable connected to the LAN  port on the recorder and that the cable is also firmly connected to the internet supplying router. If you are using an NVR with more than one LAN Port, use LAN-1. 

-It’s also important to know that you shouldn’t try to use any POE ports for this setup. Many recorders have a group of onboard PoE ports, those ports are for cameras only!!

Now that we’re good to go, let’s get started. This whole process is very quick and shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes. Follow the steps, and watch the video guide too!

The first thing we need to do is log into our recorder if we have not already done so. We can do this by right-clicking anywhere on the screen with the recorders mouse and then clicking Main Menu. This will automatically prompt the log in dialogue box. Use the mouse to input your username, and password to log in- or use your Dot and Line Pattern to log in.

Once logged in, we will automatically be taken to Main Settings Page. Move the mouse down to the bottom of the Screen, and Click Network.

This will take us to the network menu, and should automatically put us on the TCP IP Page.

The Next thing we need to do is go to the P2P Menu, this can be found on the bottom left-hand side- in the list of menu options here. Go ahead and click P2P.

Now that we are in the NAT tab, I’m sure you’ll notice the two QR codes Right away. The QR code on the right is the only one we’re concerned with. It represents the Recorder’s Serial Number, which is also written below the code. In our videos on adding the recorder to mobile, Pc, or Mac, we explain how to use this QR code. For now, we first need to Activate the P2P function. To do this simply click the slider you see next to “Enable” and then Hit Apply. I bet you won’t believe this but you’re already done activating P2P, yep it’s that quick!

So… what now? Well, likely you’ll now want to use the P2P feature via your smartphone, computer, or tablet. As I mentioned earlier, we have 2 different video guides on how to do this. One video is for adding a device to Elite Viewer Pro, the application for ios and Android smartphones and tablets. We have a second video on adding a device to Smart PSS, which is the Elite Recorder app for PC and MAC. Links to both of those videos can be found in the video description. 

Thanks for joining us today as we showed you how to set up p2p on your security recorder, If you enjoyed the video or found it helpful,  give us alike,  and don’t forget to subscribe! Call sales today for more info on our amazing products at 561-288-5258!

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