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How to set Presets and Tour on IPPTZ

How to set Presets and Tour on IPPTZ
Hey everyone, Joe here and today we have a quick, but highly requested guide for you and accompanying video to cove the question “How to set Presets and Tour on IPPTZ”. An IP PTZ camera is simply an IP based camera as opposed to a coaxial based camera, that has Pan Tilt and Zoom functions- aka PTZ. The guide and video on “How to set Presets and Tour on IPPTZ” is not for coax cameras, we will have a second video on that coming soon. A Tour is a program you can run on a PTZ camera that tells it to move between certain points of interest called presets. Each preset is simply a point of X/Y and Zoom axis of the camera, manually saved into its memory.

One important thing to be aware of with IP PTZ cameras is they have a host of functions that are far easily controlled and enabled from the camera’s web interface, rather than the NVR’s web interface or the NVR’s local interface. The best way to set up a PTZ camera then is to access it directly. It’s usually recommended to have your PTZ cameras on an external network rather than onboard POE, to make accessing it from a computer easier. It is possible to get to a camera’s interface on an onboard POE NVR, but you need to connect a PC directly by ethernet to the same onboard POE. Any PTZ settings you apply within the camera will be usable and readable by the NVR. In fact, even if you do adjust the settings from the NVR itself, all its really doing is logging into the camera and applying them there anyhow.

In order to be successful with this guide, you’ll need to have a Windows-based PC that can log into your camera’s web interface via Internet Explorer. Mozilla and Chrome do not usually work well with these camera’s plugins. Your PC has to be on the same network as the camera, and you’ll need to know the IP address of the Camera as well. if you have that PC, and that IP address, we can get started.

In the video, you’ll see we start out with both windows open to show you they are different, and then we maximize the Cameras window and work from there. You don’t need to have both windows open, this was just for the comparison. Once you have your camera’s Ip address in your browser, log in using the camera’s username and password. From here, the first thing we need to do is go to the settings tab. This will open up the main settings window, and you’ll see the option PTZ. Click the PTZ option, and then the FUNCTION submenu.

How to set Presets and Tour on IPPTZ – Setting Presets

You’ll notice several categories such as the TOUR were going to set up. You’ll see the tour page is totally empty. we need to create a tour and add presets to it. However, in order to do that, we first need to set presets within the camera in order to have them available to add to our tour. To get started let’s head there by clicking the PRESET option.

On this page we add specific points of location and zoom called presets, you can do this by using the PTZ controls at the bottom left corner under the image preview. We’ll start by moving our camera where we want, and adding our first preset. You can also rename the preset if you like, but you do not have to. Next to each preset, there is a little floppy disk icon, make sure to click this each time you add a preset to ‘save’ the preset you made. When you are satisfied with the number of presets you want for your tour, go ahead and click the TOUR option, again make sure you’ve saved each preset individually.

How to set Presets and Tour on IPPTZ – Setting the Tour

On this page, you’ll see two sections. The top is for the list of tours you’ve made- or to add a tour, while the bottom will display any presets within the selected tour. start by ading a tour to the top section, and feel free to rename it what you like. We now need to add presets to that tour, so move your attention to the  The minimum time your camera can spend at each preset is 15 seconds. You can put them in any order, or quantity. Once done, click Save at the bottom.

Ok our tour presets are locked in, lets click save, and then we can check this in action by clicking the live view and starting the tour. As we mentioned before the cams have to spend at least 15 seconds at each preset so we sped this footage up to show you the tour in action a bit speedier for your viewing convenience.


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