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Surveillance Cameras For Sale

Looking for the best place to buy surveillance cameras for sale comes down to a few contributing factors. For instance, if you don’t buy from a trustworthy security camera company, you could end up with faulty technology.

Similarly, there is also technical support to consider. Furthermore, many available surveillance cameras for sale don’t come with a free app for remote viewing. And all of this doesn’t even take into account the actual cameras themselves.

Fortunately, security camera websites like Security Camera King have been not only changing but raising the standard. We offer a large variety of security cameras online, in addition to the hundreds of other security and surveillance products we carry.

By utilizing our ongoing relationships with professional CCTV manufacturers, dealers, and integrators, there’s no simply better option to find the items you need. The different security and surveillance companies that make up our network enable us to feature not only cheap surveillance cameras for sale but also some of the most innovative advancements in surveillance technologies currently available.

From affordability and dependability to the highest level of accessibility ever seen, it has never been a better time to invest in security cameras and video surveillance systems. Continue reading to explore some of the recommendations and considerations for finding the best surveillance cameras for sale to meet your security needs.

But even if aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for, don’t fret. Fill out a contact form to get in touch with a member of our sales team. We pride ourselves on assisting clients who need help locating the perfect security camera system and would be honored to have the opportunity to do just that for you.

Buying Surveillance Cameras For Sale Online

When you first begin looking at security cameras, you’ll quickly come to notice a few things. For example, there are network IP cameras and HD cameras. What’s the difference? Or maybe you have seen the different listings for wired and wireless security cameras, but aren’t sure which is best for your setting or environment. Let’s tackle these questions one by one and explore exactly what you should know.

Analog Cameras vs Network IP Cameras

The classic CCTV cameras are generally set up using an analog environment. Basically, they need to be attached to a digital video recorder (DVR) in order to process and store their footage. Network IP cameras, on the other hand, transmit their footage wirelessly to a network video recorder (NVR).

The primary difference between analog cameras and network IP cameras is how they process their images. In analog cameras, the DVR is responsible for processing any footage. Whereas, in network IP cameras, the footage is processed in the camera itself and then stored on the NVR due to space limitations.

One important factor to note is that IP cameras produce clearer, crisper images. In fact, even the lowest quality and poorest performing IP cameras are known to provide higher resolution recordings that are comparable, if not superior, to their HD camera counterparts. However, not all settings are ideal for network IP setups because they are either too wide or have objects that are interfering with or blocking the signal.

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Indoor Cameras vs Outdoor Cameras

Another thing to consider for selecting surveillance cameras for sale is where it will be placed. Indoor cameras, more often than not, do not have hoods or lens covers because they do not need protection from water and other outdoor elements. Indoor cameras are often cheaper, as well, since they do not require sufficient weatherproof housing.

Conversely, outdoor cameras will have protective properties in their design. Many have a lens cover or hood built into the frame and have a more durable housing set up. All of this is to ensure the interior surveillance technologies are safely protected from the wind, rain, and other weather contributions.

Be sure to investigate the weatherproof capabilities before buying surveillance cameras for sale to be placed outdoors. It’s also wise to look at the warranty options in the event of water damage or other problems caused by similar conditions.

Security Camera Type

There are a variety of security camera types based on their intended purpose. You should be familiar enough with what type(s) of security cameras you need based on the applications you are looking to achieve. For instance, bullet cameras have a fixed lens that can only point in one direction at all times.

Dome cameras are best suited for monitoring larger settings where a ceiling installation is possible. This is because a dome camera will provide a larger field of view, increasing overall coverage.

PTZ cameras enable users to have more functionality than both bullet and dome cameras. With a PTZ camera, you are able to customize your viewpoint and zoom, pan, and tilt the focus to your specifications. Commercial PTZ cameras further improve on this idea and often come equipped with preset touring options in order to automatically motion the camera so that it can monitor larger areas.

Video Storage

After you settle on the surveillance cameras for sale that you want, you will need to consider video storage requirements. After all, what good is having video surveillance if you don’t retain the footage to use to use later? Hard drive space for NVRs and DVRs differs greatly and selecting smaller sizes will create limitations on the system.

You will need to how many hours of footage you want to be saved and how long until newer footage begins recording over the older stock. Be sure to use our handy CCTV Hard Drive Calculator if you aren’t certain.

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Surveillance Cameras For Sale

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