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Surveillance System Accessories

When most people think of security systems, they only think of the cameras. While the cameras are most important, they require a whole slew of support pieces to work effectively. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of security equipment because they provide the most extensive stock of surveillance products. We have everything you need to fully install a new security camera or access control system at your home or business. Take a look at some of the many surveillance system accessories that recommends in order for you to make the most out of your security system.


Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs)


DVRs and NVRs are not so much surveillance system accessories as essential pieces of equipment that are often overlooked. DVRs and NVRs are used to facilitate the viewing of multiple camera feeds, storing footage, and ease of configuring your system. It used to be that only NVRs could be used for IP cameras. Cameras would be connected to the NVR via a router or network switch and the video recorded would be encoded at the camera itself and sent to the NVR for viewing and storage. DVRs on the other hand were used for analog and HD over coax. In a DVR system, the cameras and DVR would be bridged together with Cat5/6 cable. The footage format from a DVR system is modified at the DVR, not the cameras. This was the norm in the CCTV world for years.


However,’s new SiBell Series is ushering in a new era of security camera recording. With Sibell’s Qudbrid DVR/NVRs, you will have the ability to record multiple channels in TVI, AHD, 960H, AND IP options! Sibell makes it easy to integrate newer cameras into an existing analog system without an entire overhaul network of cameras and cabling. We have Sibell recorders in 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 channel varieties.




When putting up new security cameras and a recorder, one group of  surveillance system accessories that cannot be ignored is cables. Without cables, the best security surveillance equipment is reduced to the usefulness of  a fancy paperweight. There are many diffrent types of cable that reccomends in order to fully utilize all features of our security systems.


HDMI: HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. This type of cable is used to connect a security system to a television or monitor. HDMI cables allow you to clearly see your live and recorded footage on the display of your choice. It also enables clear listening for audio enabled systems. We sell HDMI in lengths from 3 feet all the way up to 50 feet to provide the best option for any setup. If you would like to display the footage from one recorder to multiple monitors, we also offer a HDMI 1 to 4 output splitter that is compatible with all of our systems.


BNC: BNC cable is used to connect the cameras to whichever recorder you are using for your system. You can also use it to connect these units to a power supply. This wiring  consists of a basic coaxial cable with a BNC connector at the end. BNC connectors are a common type of Radio Frequency (or RF) connector. Our BNC cable is plug and play with most analog and HD systems. We carry all lengths of BNC cable from the shortest 6 foot cables to 150 long spools of BNC.


Cat5/Cat6: Cat5 and Cat6 cables are both types of network ethernet cable. They are twisted pair cables that are used as generally universal connection cables. Cat cables are used with network enabled systems. They can be used to connect IP cameras to DVRs and NVRs as well as POE (Power Over Ethernet) switches. We have Cat5 and Cat6 cable in a variety of colors (blue, white, yellow) and you can purchase by the foot of in large quantities in convenient pull boxes.


Siamese: If your main concern is simplicity and ease of installation, then siamese cable is the perfect option for you. With compatible systems, siamese cable allows you to power and video enable your cameras in just one run. This is because siamese cables consist of dual wires. The RG59 coax cable supplies the video capabilities while an 18 gauge 2 wire provides power. This is the most professional type of wire available and will be sure to impress any customer with its fast installation and clean look. offers both white and black siamese cable to ensure a seamless blend with any CCTV system or building facade. As with our Cat5 and Cat6, we sell siamese cable by the foot or in easy pull boxes.


Camera Mounts


Despite their name, a mount is not absolutely necessary to mount every camera. However, they can be extremely handy in many situations. For installations where wire cannot be easily concealed, a camera mount can help you achieve the clean and professional look that you and your customers expect. Mounts can also be important surveillance system accessories when you are unable to run cable through brick or concrete walls. They can also help you position a camera just right to view the exact areas of a property that you are looking to monitor. We sell a myriad of different types of mounts for all different styles of camera and brands.


Recorder Lockbox


This benefit of these surveillance system accessories is pretty straightforward. A recorder lockbox keeps your DVR or NVR safe from theft and tampering. Criminals cannot deface or steal your recorder in hopes that you will not be able to see the footage. It also keeps unauthorized users access to the recorder if they are attempting to log in and steal or modify information. One unexpected fringe benefit of our lockboxes is their superb cooling capabilities. While all DVRs and NVRs have a built in cooling fan, this is sometimes simply not enough. lockboxes have an additional fan to help cool the unit. Even if you are not concerned about vandalism, you may want to consider this accessory if you are storing your unit in a particularly hot environment like an attic. knows that you take pride in your work. Whether you are a beginner installing a system for your home or a full time CCTV expert, we are committed to being your full service security camera, recorder, and surveillance system accessories provider. No matter what you need, if it is CCTV we’ve got an option that will be perfect for you. With our competitive rates and free tech support for the life of the product, there is no better place to fill all of your surveillance and access control needs than!

Surveillance System Accessories