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May 21, 2014

Frame Rate vs Resolution in Security DVRs – Which is More Important

When configuring a DVR a very common question is what is the difference between frame rate and resolution and which is more important to have at a higher rate? Of course my answer is it depends… Both are very important but, depending on what you want to use the cameras for is which is more […]
April 22, 2012

4CIF Resolution

Using the 4CIF Resolution to Open the Eyes of Surveillance Cameras The 4CIF Resolution format is common enough that it warrants some discussion. Image resolution becomes very important when discussing DVR compatibility. Most processors really don’t perform well when it comes to recording in a real time resolution. However, there are some units that are […]
March 19, 2010

Security DVR Recording Resolutions

You’re in the market for a security surveillance system for your home or your business. What is the one most important component of that system? The Digital Video Recorder, or DVR, is the single most important component. And the most important aspect of choosing a DVR is the recording resolution. In manufacturing a DVR, the […]
January 31, 2010

Basics of Facial Capture and Facial Recognition

It is likely that if you get a security camera system, that you will want to be able to identify an intruder that has been captured on security camera footage. This process is called facial capture. Some people also call it facial recognition although they are really two different processes. Facial capture means to get […]
November 17, 2009

How To Set Up Your DVR For Recording

Keep in mind that all DVR’s have different configurations and terminology. I will explain how to properly set up the Elite, Elite-Mini-HD, and Ultimate DVR’s for recording while conserving  maximum storage. Most DVR’s will not have as many options for recording configuration, but this should cover just about every setting you will find. In the […]