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Hard Drive Types and Sizes for CCTV

Hard Drive Types and Sizes for CCTV Hey everyone, Joe from SCK here, and today we wanted to talk about the different hard drive options you have available for your CCTV systems, why it matters,...

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What is a Hard Drive; Best Hard Drive
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How do I save hard drive space for my recorder?

How do I save hard drive space for my recorder? Hi everyone and thanks for joining us today as we discuss an important question we get asked from time to time: "How do I save...

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Spy and Surveillance

Digital Recording Device

A digital (audio) recording device, according to the U. S. Code of Regulations (Title 17, Chapter 10, Subchapter A, paragraph 1001), “is any machine or device of a type commonly distributed to individuals for use by individuals, whether or not included with or as part of some other machine or device, the digital recording function of which is designed or marketed for the primary purpose of, and that is capable of, making a digital audio copied recording for private use…”

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Other Security Articles

Stand Alone DVR For Security Camera

When designing your own digital video security camera system, whether it is for residential or commercial use, it is important to make the right choice for the stand alone DVR for security camera. A stand alone DVR or Digital Video Recorder is basically the “brain” of the system that coordinates the functions of the component parts and provides for storage of the digital video files.

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