Tripwire and Intrusion Box
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Tripwire and Intrusion Box

Tripwire and Intrusion Box

Tripwire and Intrusion Box are two of the most sought after features. They’re both available with equipment from Security Camera King! When you’re looking for the most cutting edge state of the art cameras and recorders for security footage recording and review, don’t look any further than Security Camera King. we are the nation’s number one online retailer of the best CCTV hardware you could get your hands on. Our equipment is designed to meet an exceptional number of client needs across a broad range of locations, applications, and security goals. That means whether or not your location is a business, residential, or a large organization of a professional nature we can provide CCTV equipment which will meet your needs and help you feel secure. As we mentioned earlier, Tripwire and Intrusion Box are extremely popular features that help enhance security. What exactly are these features and how does one use them best? What types of equipment can we expect to find these features on? Read on to learn more!

Tripwire and Intrusion Box are part of a greater set of features which have AI, or Artificial Intelligence, backed capabilities. The feature set is actually called Intelligent Video Surveillance, more commonly referred to by its acronym, IVS. IVS, or Intelligent Video Surveillance, is a set of features which allows the user setting up their CCTV system to apply alerting and alarm rules. So what is alerting and how does it benefit us? Alerting is the process of your CCTV system reacting to triggers and rules you set within given tools and parameters. One such extremely common parameter is motion detection also known as video detection. Motion detection works by analyzing changes in the pixels in a scene. Based further on parameters set by the user, motion detection can then determine if someone is moving in the scene that’s being filmed. If motion is detected in the scene a number of things can happen at this point. First, and most commonly, you can have the recorder log the motion event so that on playback its clearly indicated by color coded seeking bars where motion occurred, and where it did not. This allows for narrowing down of critical footage much easier than sifting through hours of recordings.  Many recorders and CCTV systems are set not to record at all until motion occurs, so another thing that could happen on detection is the start of recording in the first place. Lastly, the system can trigger an alarm out relay to a local buzzer and it can trigger notifications via the app directly to your smartphone. This lets you know right away when an incident has occurred.

So what then is IVS, and how does it compare or work alongside motion detection? IVS uses line crossing rules to achieve a similar goal as motion detection but with substantially more precision. As Great as motion detection is, it has its flaws. Its a blanket rule applied to a large area of the scene., Cameras don’t know what 3 dimensions are, and are doing their best to interoperate data from a two dimensional image. this means as things get closer and further away their sizes relative to your parameters can change. The result is either missed real alerts or potential false alerts. A false alert is when an alert occurs for a situation which might very well be real, but was not necessary to alert the user. Since the Camera system can only do what its told, if something causes a motion event that you otherwise might not have wanted to there is little that can be done without adjusting your motion rules. This can result in potentially less real alerts alongside less false alerts. This is where IVS comes in.

IVS rules allow you to draw Tripwire and Intrusion Box lines into the scene. Unlike motion this covers an extremely specific area. You can tell the line what directions it must be crossed to trigger the rule, one way or the other or even both. You can also create intrusion boxes which function similarly but designate an area or space for objects. Using the latest AI backed IVS, its now possible to eliminate non person or vehicle targets from the filter as well. This means your going o get a lot more real alerts, and a lot less false alerts. Accuracy with security is key, and being able to utilize IVS is an amazing tool to generate highly accurate alerting for your location!

What types of technology can we find Tripwire and Intrusion Box on?

For NVRs and IP cameras, often you’ll find you’ll be able to utilize IVS across just about any device with very little limitations. However when it comes to DVRs and COAX cameras, you’;; want to talk directly with a sales pro. Depending on the DVR how many channels of IVS it can perform are going to vary, and what cameras it might work with as well. We always recommend calling or chatting in to get a better idea of what to expect from the technology, set proper expectations for yourself, and make sure compatibility is guaranteed!

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