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VSI-Pro Video Text Inserter

Have you ever thought of using a VSI-Pro Text Inserter for your business? Theft is normally thought of as an activity external to a business and its employees. But sometimes, for what ever reason, theft can also be from within. Is there a way a business owner can protect themselves from both theft and fraud?

In the following article we will talk about some different digital video security camera systems and using a VSI-Pro Video Text Inserter.

It’s proven fact that just the presence of digital video security cameras helps to deter crime and vandalism. However, having an actual system cannot only deter the act, but should the perpetrator be foolish enough to try, it will document the whole event–including his/her face and the objects they are stealing.

The secret to success of any good digital video security system is the proper placement of the cameras. If you own a retail business and you are concerned about your revenue and suspect that something maybe happening at the cashier’s counter, you can always install a high resolution camera.

Generally, it best to use a dome camera placed directly over the counter looking down so that every money transaction appears on camera. On the other hand, if you are concerned about the money exchanging hands and the identification of they buyer by seeing his/her face then a single cross angled camera will do the job. So retailers even use two cameras for the checkout–one that zooms in on the money/credit card transactions and one that is sure to capture the face of the buyer.

There are issues with this method though. Trying to get the camera to get the right shot every time especially on long or large counters can be difficult. Generally, when we speak of counter transactions, it’s usually not the customer that’s suspect as much as the employee. So does this mean we have to add another camera that focuses just upon the cash register display and keys?

This is where the VSI-Pro Video Text Inserter comes in to make your retail digital video security system complete. So what is a VSI-Pro Video Text Inserter? The VSI-Pro is a device that can overlay the transaction data from the cash register directly on the digital video frames of the camera that is capturing the event. This means that you have documentation that tells you what the employee was charging at the cash register, while you can also see what the customer was buying. In other words, you can have every cash register event documented to include the buyer’s identification, the items being bought, and what was being rung up on the cash register.

That’s a pretty power anti-theft and anti-fraud mechanism. Any major mistakes can usually be identified by just watching the video footage and comparing the text inserted results with what you see on the screen. But that’s not the only advantage of the VSI-Pro Video Text Inserter.

In addition to the above, the VSI-Pro Video Text Inserter has another potential benefit. The unit has some programming capabilities such that you can program it to recognize exceptional events. For example let’s say that you are interested in any transaction with a total greater than $100. The VSI-Pro Video Text Inserter can be programmed with a trigger of $100. That means every time the register records a purchase greater than $100, the camera snaps on, the text inserter inserts text and then everything shuts down waiting for the next customer to do it again.

This has a secondary benefit that we need to mention as well. By using the programmable parameters option to trigger the system, your DVR is only recording a small bit of time compared to being on constantly. That means it saves you a tremendous amount of storage capacity on your hard disk drive greatly increasing the time before the disk will need to re-write over itself.

If you are interested in purchasing a VSI-Pro Video Text Inserter make sure that it is compatible with your register type. To find out what types are compatible, go to VSI-Pro Text Inserter product and under the OPTIONS box check the register model by clicking the little black down arrow on the right side of the text box.


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