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Mini Security Cameras

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Tips and Tricks in the World of Mini Security Cameras


The world of mini security cameras continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Many individuals probably associated mini security cameras with espionage in the past, but there are numerous legitimate uses for these miniature wonders. In fact, they are probably quite useful in a variety of surveillance applications. While many designs won’t offer the same level of resolution that one would expect from a larger platform, the quality of small lenses continues to improve. It’s rather likely that all security cameras will see massive size reduction in the near future.

However, that shouldn’t discourage anyone from grabbing a new unit today. The Security Camera King offers low prices that many people will want to take advantage of immediately. This means that numerous mini security cameras will probably fly off the shelves based on price alone. That shouldn’t lead people to believe that quality is an issue, however. Poor quality cameras would never make it to the shelves of an eminent dealer. Anyone that purchases mini security cameras from the Security Camera King should have no fear in regards to the condition of the equipment. These devices are always top of the line.

There was actually a time when cameras were significantly larger than today. People probably have fond memories of the large surveillance devices that used to stand in the front of commercial properties. These are still used in many areas. Large installations are probably some of the easiest to replace with mini security cameras. Even if the goal were simple to save space, smaller cameras would be able to fit the bill. Wireless cameras can be easily hidden in plants. This also means that a bit of redecorating could accompany the installation. There are plenty of businesses that could do with a bit of sprucing up, and a new image can be a great way to kick off a promotion. Coupling this with quality surveillance is an excellent way to show that one cares about security.

Mini security cameras work perfectly for regular security surveillance, but they really shine when it comes to certain specialty uses. They are small and are easy to fit into hard to reach areas. Some people have used them to surreptitiously monitor a babysitter, and others have used them to watch over their children. While some ethicists might question such uses, most people would be able to find plenty of decent reasons to use mini security cameras. In fact, some people have even used them to pull off various types of pranks.

The process of installing mini security cameras is different in various situations. Some devices use wires while others are wireless Mini Security Camerasmodels. Most of the steps will be the same for both types of device, but those that want to set up a wired camera will have to figure out how to route the cables. While this might make wireless cameras appear to be extremely attractive, there are some situations where people would prefer to use more reliable wired designs. Strong electromagnetic fields can interfere with wireless connectivity, and this might make some people think twice about using them next to other types of radio transmitters.

That being said, most wireless cameras work on microwave frequencies. Therefore, this shouldn’t even be a concern in most cases. For instance, some people use VHF equipment for two-way communication. Organizations that do shouldn’t even realize that they’re operating close to an installation. This also means that people that install these devices shouldn’t have to worry about crooks that try to look for wireless connects through simple means. Some people try to find bugs by listening for interference on an AM radio, but this method may not be vigorous enough to find mini security cameras. Naturally, no one wants a hidden installation to be discovered. This makes microwave cameras especially popular for such uses.

Anyone that has problems should be able to clear them quickly enough, because of how robust mini security cameras really are. Keeping a few quick tips in mind should help prevent anything from happening, but it is important to remind that mini security cameras are robust. They might seem fragile, but they can stand up to a lot more punishment than most users even realize. If something seems wrong, it can usually be corrected in a manner of moments without too much trouble.

Anyone that notices a problem with image quality might just need to realign the camera’s antennas. Simply adjusting the height of the device or moving the antenna around is usually enough to correct scratchy images on wireless cameras. It is very similar to adjusting the antenna on a portable radio to get the best reception. Keeping the camera away from baby alarms is also usually a good idea. Once again, though, it might very well be able to work around these sorts of things if the wavelength is different. Considering the fact that many baby alarms function on the 49 MHz band, it might not be a problem at all.

Wifi networks could cause a bit of interference, but IP cameras actually use them to function. Naturally, an IP camera that uses Wifi shouldn’t mess with a Wifi connection. Microwave ovens might cause some scratches in a displayed image, but simply moving the camera can do this away with any visible glitches. The radio frequencies that mini security cameras utilize are usually sufficiently different from other devices.

While it might sound simple, users should always check to make sure that the connections on the receiver are tight and connected to the right jacks. This is really easy, and connecting the cables should only take a few moments. However, double-checking to ensure that they’re correct will save a minute or two later on. Some industry insiders like to customize their mini security cameras, and a hood is the perfect way to customize an installation.

Mini Security CamerasDo-it-yourselfers will probably want to make a hood out of black paper and affix it around the outside of the lens to block out extra sunlight. This can dramatically cut down on hazing effects in the image. Of course, there are plenty of commercial options for those that aren’t so artistically inclined. A commercial hood also has a much more professional appearance to it than construction paper. One might want to first mess around with their own design and install a professional sunshield once they are sure that they have it in the right place.

Shade also helps, and security camera gurus love to use the eaves of buildings as a place to set up very small cameras. After inspecting to ensure that bees haven’t called the eaves of a house their home, one can easily turn the area into their own security camera mount. This is one of the best uses of mini security cameras, since they can fit anywhere. A bit of adhesive or a tack should be more than enough to make sure that a particular camera is held into place. Many of these installations are also quite maintenance free. The overhang helps to keep out harmful UV rays from the sun, and rain is usually diverted out of the way.

Perhaps the best part about it is the fact that crooks can’t even see that they’re being taped. However, it should be remembered that some mini security cameras are actually designed to look like other objects. There are numerous models that are disguised as one thing or another. These can be left out in the relative open. After all, people would probably recognize them for what they really are. Naturally, the cameras are still supposed to be kept out of reach to some degree. No disguise is perfect, and one could easily discover that something is up by taking a closer look. However, a pair of sunglasses on top of a refrigerator or cabinet would never raise anyone’s suspicions. Only the individuals in charge of surveillance would ever have to know that a camera was actually in service.

With great power comes great responsibility, so no legitimate surveillance organization would ever actually condone usage that would break local laws. Individuals that want to set up a clandestine monitoring system should be sure to check out what is considered lawful in their local community. A sign altering people to the fact that video surveillance is active will prevent crime in some cases. On the other hand, there are plenty of justifiable reasons why one would want to keep their monitoring practices from the general public.

As well as sunglasses, the Security Camera King has offered mini security cameras in several other packages. A cigarette lighter camera can be useful on a table, and these wireless designs are great for those that don’t want to raise any suspicions. The miniature desk clock model is probably one of the best-known examples of this technology. Every business needs to know what time it is. In most situations, mini security cameras that are stuffed into clocks are also functional as timepieces. This means that people will feel comfortable around them, and they’re even useful outside of the closed circuit TV system.

In fact, there are probably numerous regular clocks strewn about countless businesses. Replacing one with a new model is an expected business practice. Even criminals that had been looking at an area for a long period of time wouldn’t notice that anything had changed. This means they might be in for a big surprise if they actually tried to do anything.

Perhaps one of the more interesting designs is in the head of a screw. A Phillips head screw camera has to be one of the most novel devices ever developed. The physical size of the device is enough to make even the shiftiest of characters ignore the camera. It could be mixed on a table with a bunch of other implements, or even placed on a shelf to make it appear that it was left there after the shelf was screwed into the wall.

For that matter, one could probably carefully screw mini security cameras into furniture itself. Care would have to be taken to ensure that the process didn’t damage the lens at all, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. These are very robust designs, and should be able to hold up to a bit of work. The same sort of do-it-yourself builders that would make their own sunshields might want to give this sort of project a try. Creative users might also want to use a screw camera in a hardware store or a workshop. A camera would never be out of place in that type of an environment.

This class of mini security camera can also be used in a temporary capacity. If someone wanted to monitor an area for only a short period of time, the camera could easily be dropped at the site and watched from a remote location. This lends itself to other uses outside of the surveillance world as well. Some model railroad enthusiasts have used mini security cameras mounted on miniature freight cars to record footage of their train layouts. Footage taken in this way would look as though a scale model person was filming it from their perspective. In fact, there is already a ready market for model train cameras. However, many makes of mini security cameras are actually superior to the model train designs. For this reason, discriminating model train buffs often take a closer look at mini security cameras.

Another interesting camera comes in the form of a button. This is again a great way to hide a camera in the clutter of everyday life. Few people could ever actually believe that a button was watching them, and this leads to plenty of opportunities

Due to the fact that mini security cameras are so small, one might want to experiment with their own enclosure. Wireless pinhole cameras can be stored anywhere. One might want to make a hole in a box and have a camera watching inside. A case of tissues can easily become a monitoring post. A needle is probably all that’s required to make a hole for many of these designs. Few people would ever notice something so obscure.

There are many areas where people would want to use mini security cameras. While these are usually hidden areas, some of them are far more creative than others. Mini security cameras can be stashed away in many other types of objects because of their size, and this means that they can often go undetected.



Security Equipment

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Security Camera King offers a wide variety of security equipment for most of your security needs.  Our merchandise must meet tough quality control standards and be of the highest quality nd workmanship to be considered for our on-line catalog at camera  In most cases we offer same day shipping and 1 to 2 day shipping on other limited items.

Security Camera King’s full range of security equipment as well as surveillance and monitoring equipment includes:

  • Digital video security camera systems;
  • Individual Digital Video Recorders or DVRs;
  • Digital video security cameras;
  • Individual security Network Video Recorders or NVRs;
  • Digital video security camera lens, special purpose mounts, cables, connectors, tools, and other accessories;
  • DVR lockboxes;
  • Security camera monitors;
  • Mobile video servers;
  • Counter surveillance items;
  • Personal protection items; and,
  • Audio recording devices.

In addition to our complete line offering of security equipment, we also feature complete security camera systems for 4, 8, 16, and 32 channel requirements.  These systems are complete packages minus the monitor that save you money by bundling and get you up and running right away.  (We don’t include the monitors in our system packages because of each individual’s different preferences and many of our customers already have functional monitors that they can use.  This also saves you more money.)

Our bundled digital video security equipment packages come with the appropriate number of high quality digital video indoor/outdoor day/night vision infrared cameras, all the necessary cables and connectors, the proper DVRs, and a power supply for the cameras.  Our bundled packages as well as our line of individual Digital Video Recorders include the Elite-Mini, the Elite Series, and the Ultimate Series units.

These DVRs offer the highest quality and greatest number of standard features of any DVR in the industry and is a “must-have” as part of your security equipment.  The following is partial list of just some of the features that our customer feedback has indicated is favored the most:

  • High Definition, high quality video play back;
  • Internet ready–your system can be viewed and controlled by any computer located anywhere in the world there is Internet access;
  • Smartphone control–you system can also be monitored and controlled using one of several smartphones and our free downloadable apps.; and,
  • H.264 compression utility that saves on storage space while maintaining high video quality.


Security equipment isn’t very valuable if you don’t know how to operate it properly.  That’s whey Security Camera King provides 100% complete support on all of the digital video system security equipment it sells.  Our support doesn’t consist of just telling you where to turn the DVR unit on.  We offer full support from the point BEFORE you purchase your system, including total system design, to the final phase of using your installed and completely set up system.  We’ll help you with planning, installation, set-up, and use.

Security Camera King offers a complete support center that includes our CCTV Learning Center with calculators, security articles, security videos, knowledge base and even our video vault.  But if these still don’t answer your questions or solve your problems we also over on-line “Live Chat” support and telephone support with one of our trained security equipment experts.

As mentioned above, in addition to our digital video security line of products we offer many other types of security equipment as well including personal protection.  The following is a list of the major items we offer for your personal protection:

  • Airsoft guns;
  • Animal repellent (pepper and/or mace as well as ultrasonic devices);
  • Car safety items;
  • Diversion safes;
  • Folding knives;
  • Handcuffs;
  • Instructional Fighting DVDs;
  • Mace pepper sprays;
  • Metal detectors;
  • Safety lights;
  • Stun guns; and,
  • Tasers.


We also offer various types of home protection such as:

  • Slideaway alarms;
  • Glass breakage alarms;
  • Door guard and door stop alarms;
  • HomeSafe security equipment system;
  • Voice alerts; and,
  • Pool alarms.

So although our company name is Security Camera King rest assured that we specialize in all sorts of security equipment, not only digital video cameras.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our security equipment or you simply have a question or need support please contact one of our security experts on-line using “Live Chat” or by telephone at 866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6 PM EST.


Discount Personal Security Equipment

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

If you are looking for discount personal security equipment, checkout Security Camera King’s full line of personal protection and safety equipment. Security Camera King is your full service on-line security supplier and that’s why we not only offer a full line of security and surveillance cameras, but also provide you with a wide variety of great discount personal security equipment.

Security Camera King realizes that your security isn’t limited to the use of security camera systems alone. That’s why we offer a full line of discount personal security equipment ranging from Airsoft guns to electronic tasers. Here’s just a partial list of the discount personal security equipment that Security Camera King offers:

Airsoft Guns
Airsoft guns have been designed to look like real firearms; however, these guns are actually spring loaded or CO2 powered air guns that shoot plastic or rubber BBs and paintballs. We offer several replica models of famous Smith & Wesson, Colt, and Sig pistols. We even carry an Airsoft Smith & Wesson M3000 sawed of shotgun replica. In addition, we offer a full line of accessories including plastic BBs, paintballs, and targets. As one example of Security Camera King’s diversity in discount personal security equipment, they’re great for target practice or can be used for fun by the hobbyist.

Animal Repellent
Letter carriers, utility workers, contractors and outdoorsmen know the value of a good animal repellent. We offer several animal repellent options including bear pepper and mace spray, canine mace spray, and even an electronic ultrasonic dog repeller.

Auto Safety
Today’s automobiles are built with an emphasis on personal safety. However, that emphasis is usually based on keeping you in the vehicle and not letting you out. Our 4 in 1 Auto emergency tool is a flashlight, emergency light, window breaking hammer and seat belt cutter all in one. Keep one in your vehicle at all times in case it’s ever needed.

Diversion Safe
Safes are normally designed with ultra-strong materials that make breeching them difficult. However, with the right tools, anyone can crack open a safe. Another design method for a safe is to disguise it so it’s over looked. It’s difficult to crack a safe when you don’t know where it is. Our full line of diversion safes allows you to hide your valuables in plain sight. Burglars wouldn’t think to look for a diamond ring in a wall thermometer, soda can, salt shaker, can of shaving cream or a flower pot. As part of our line of discount personal security equipment, these diversion safes are a must have.

Our line of discount personal security equipment wouldn’t be complete without these personal and home alarms. From keychain models to magnetic door models to even swimming pool entry models our alarms produce a super loud blast or ear piercing decibel strength.

Mace and Pepper Sprays
Although Mace traditionally meant a CN type teargas, the term Mace is also used today in connection with pepper spray deterrents. We offer a vast amount of Mace only, Mace and Pepper, and Pepper only sprays for personal protection. Some states and countries have regulations regarding mace and/or pepper spray so be sure to check with the regulations for your area before purchasing. Note: Security Camera King sells Mace brand Michigan State approved tear gas and pepper sprays.

Stun Guns and Tasers
Nothing says “Back Off” better than a mega thousand to million volt charge! We offer a full line of electronic stun guns and tasers that will stop and take down any attacker. Our Taser C2 models use unique Taser cartridges that eject 20 to 30 paper tags when fired, allowing law enforcement to determine the owner of the device, deterring criminal use. Check out all of our different taser and stun gun models as well as our extensive supply of accessories.

In addition to the above items, Security Camera King offers a variety of other discount personal security equipment including handcuffs, thumb cuffs, folding knives, instructional fighting and defense DVDs, metal detectors, safety lights, kubotans, voice changers, and computer tracking software.

Check out our full line of discount personal security equipment by going to our home page and clicking on “Personal Protection” on the left sidebar


Home Security Camera Systems

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Home security camera systems are fast becoming the most popular residential security and monitoring devices used today. It’s no wonder why – their great versatility, ability for do-it-yourself installation, and economic pricing, makes home security camera systems an excellent choice for residential security and monitoring purposes.

Security Camera King offers several different home security camera systems. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to put together your home security camera system, go to our Home page and click on “Security Equipment” on the left sidebar of the page. Then click on “4 Channel Security Systems,” “8 Channel Security Systems,” or “16 Channel Security Systems” based on whether you need 4, 8, or 16 cameras.

The main portion of the center of the page will feature several different systems using the same number of channels. After reading the description of each system, choose the one that matches your needs. If you click on the “More Info” button under your selected system, Security Camera King provides you with simple drop down menus that allow you to change or upgrade your components to meet your specific needs. Any of our featured security camera systems make great choices for home security camera systems.

It’s important that you determine what your security and monitoring needs will be before making your selections so you will be prepared to design the best home security system for you. If you have any questions, talk to one of our security experts either via Live Chat option or by calling us toll free at 1-866-573-8878, Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM.

Here are some helpful hints for designing and purchasing your home security camera system.
• Determine if you want outdoor monitoring. If so, do you want perimeter coverage, spot coverage or window and entrance/exit coverage? The number of cameras required will vary based on these choices.
• If you need outdoor monitoring, be certain to purchase “Outdoor” or “Indoor/Outdoor” type cameras. (Indoor only cameras are not adequate for use outside.)
• Plan cabling routes in advance. Each camera will need an RG-59 or similar coaxial video transmission cable run from it to the DVR. Be certain you have enough cable plus an extra 10-25% to do the job.
• Each camera will also need a power supply. This is normally provided by using a plug-in transformer with a line run from it to the camera or from a line run from a central power distribution box.
• Consider the camera type needed for each location and the type of camera mount and location in advance.
• If video cabling makes you uneasy or you find it obtrusive, consider purchasing wireless cameras.
• Determine if any of your camera locations will require special lighting condition cameras such as day/night vision or night vision infrared cameras.
• Determine if there are any other special features needed for your cameras (such as Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), audio recording, disguised or hidden cameras, etc.)
• Determine the storage capacity size needed for your DVR. The best way to do this is to ask one of our security experts and they can tell you, based on your situation, how much storage space you will need or you can visit our CCTV Learning Center – Calculators to estimate.
• Determine if you need a broadband internet connection and how you will provide that connection to your DVR system.
• If the camera requires them, determine the lenses you will need for each camera.

Although this is not a comprehensive, step-by-step, do-it-yourself instruction, this article should provide you with the basics you need to purchase your home security camera system. In addition Security Camera King is always there to help and has provided as many possible tools to make the job of installing and using your new system easy and enjoyable. Make sure you visit our CCTV Learning Center where you’ll find calculators, Security Related Articles and Videos and our Knowledge Base. In addition many of our home security camera systems also have links to video tutorials on their web pages.