32CH AI 2U 4K Sibell H.265+ NVR W/ 16 Ports POE

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The NVR-SB32-16P-AI is an advanced Network Video Recorder (NVR) from our Sibell series of security camera equipment. It can work with 32 cameras and has a 16 port Power Over Ethernet(PoE) switch built into it. Cameras ranging from 1 to 8 megapixels, or 4K resolution, are supported by this recorder.

This NVR utilizes the H.265 video compression standard to significantly lower the bandwidth required while still delivering high definition video. This will also significantly reduce the storage space required for the recorded video. The unit measures in at 2U so that it has 8 hard drive bays and each of the drives can be up to 10 terabytes, so it will be able to hold a significant amount of footage.

You will be able to simultaneous playback 16 channels of recorded video with this recorder. The smart search feature makes searching for the relevant footage easier, by highlighting different events with different colors to indicate the type of recording. The Dual USB ports on this NVR, allows for you to backup footage directly to a USB thumb drive for easy offloading to law enforcement.

It supports face detection and comparison through a database that will be built overtime for the installation environment. You will be able to search 240 pictures per minute to see the activity of a person. These pictures can also be used to support a block and/or allow lists, also known as a black and white list with the ability to trigger an alarm if a face from the block/black list appears. The database can create up to 16 libraries and store up to 10000 pictures in each library. Pie charts and bar graphs can be created with this information by day, week, quarter as well as a customized time period. You can manage the database from the APP, via the Web interface, and local PC. The ideal resolution for the image needs to be between 64 x 64 to 1920 x 1080 with a size less than 200KB and in the jpeg file format when adding an outside image to the database.

The embedded Linux operating system enables a very user friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) which you can access at the NVR, through a computer or mobile devices. Up to 10 maximum remote online users can be connected at the same time. If you simply do not want to port forward this NVR for remote access, it has a simple to use P2P/QR code scanning feature that allows for access remotely without the need for additional tech support.

You get FREE US based tech support, a 2 year warranty and free remote viewing apps and management software.

Free Remote Viewing Capability All of our DVR’s & NVR’s have remote viewing capabilities. Free Apps & Software are for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablets

Number Of Cameras 32
Number Of SATA Connections 8
Has Alarm Inputs / Outputs Yes
Video Output Types HDMI, VGA
Video Output Resolutions: 4K / (1920 × 1080) / (1280 × 1024)
Size 2U
Resolutions Capable 8MP / 5MP / 4MP / 3MP / 1080P / 960P / 720P
Max Bandwidth 256 Mbps
Compression of Video H.265
Connection Apps Super Live +, Sibell Mobile
NVR-SB32-16P-AI Document Downloads
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