Hi-Power Single Port 60w POE Injector


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The PoE Injector offers a compact, cost-effective single-port POE solution. It converts standard 100240V/AC into low voltage DC, which is then sent over the existing LAN cable in order to power IEEE 802.3af/at/bt compliant network devices.

Remote powering for wireless LAN (WAN), IP Security Cameras, and VoIP Telephones.

The POE mid-spans do not require an external power source and its AC/DC power cable, providing a compact power solution for existing Ethernet infrastructure.


  • Four-pairs of up to 60W each
  • Supports Base-T 10/100/1000 applications
  • LED indicators for power inputs and PoE output
  • No need for an external power brick with an internal AC/DC converter
  • Plug-and-play installation is easy
  • Muti-protection

Included is a 1 year warranty and free tech support.



PoE, or Power-over-Ethernet makes it possible to install security cameras and video surveillance equipment without traditional AC power. It permits devices to have electrical power to more places without having to install an additional electrical infrastructure or outlet at every point they are placed. The main benefit is that surveillance devices can be installed without needing a professional electrician, saving people money and simplifying the process, making security cameras more cost-effective.

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