Voltage Converter 24VAC to 12VDC 1.5A

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Use this handy power converter to run 24VAC power to your security camera and then convert it back to 12VDC for 12VDC cameras. This is a helpful solution for voltage drops on longer runs or when using thinner guage cables for power transmission. AC power will run further that DC.

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4 reviews for Voltage Converter 24VAC to 12VDC 1.5A

  1. George L.

    I used this on a replacement camera. We had a high wind storm not long ago that knocked down some fairly big oak branches. One smashed into my outdoor camera and totaled it. I bought a new camera but didn’t pay attention to the power requirements. After receiving it and realizing my mistake I called your support department and the security expert recommended this. What a great solution. Something tells me I should have consulted with your support department when I first installed my system and before I ordered this last camera.

  2. Mac D.

    This converter gave me the advantage of being able to run one of my camera power supplies that was really long. I didn’t experience any significan voltage drops and when the power terminated at the converter everything operating just fine.


    I am converting from an old 24vac system to HD 12v these made the process so much easier and COST EFFECTIVE


    I am converting from an old 24vac system to a 12v Hd system. The converters made the process easier and COST EFFECTIVE

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