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Advanced Camera Features

Advanced Camera Features with SCK
Security Camera King’s CCTV equipment has some of the most advanced cameras features available! Read on to learn more about what they can do!

CCTV or closed-circuit television is an extremely important and integral part of the security picture at any home or business. There are many features of CCTV that define it, as well as many features that may be at one time had been considered more advanced but now have come to be expected as standard on a modern CCTV system. Let’s talk about how far we’ve come, what CCTV is, and what features are considered advanced camera features.

As stated above, CCTV is short for closed-circuit television. This means that all of any footage sent live and/or recorded is only visible via access directly to the local CCTV system which is performing these actions. Unlike regular television, it can’t be intercepted or seen outside of the situation, it’s just for the location’s own security purposes.

In order to record this security footage, the first thing one needs is CCTV cameras. These used to be rated in TVL, or TV  Lines to describe their sharpness or image quality. Today, images are rated in pixels as of the HD resolution revolution. So one of the advanced camera features on all of our CCTV cameras is that they feature Full HD resolution at minimum, which is also known as 1080p, or 2 megapixels. This is double the HD standard of 720p or 1 megapixel. A Megapixel is a unit of measure to express how many “millions” of pixels are in an image to show its quality. The more pixels, or dots in the image close together, the higher the resolution and quality.

All of Security Camera king’s cameras are at least 2MP/1080p/Full HD, but we offer even more than that. We carry cameras which are 2 mp, 4 mo, 5 mp, and 8mp also known as 4k or 2160p Ultra HD (UHD) resolution. Never miss a beat with these sharp cameras!

So now we know about quality, but what about recording?

All of our cameras will connect to a central recording station called a DVR or an NVR. For cameras that use HD over COAX cable, this is connected to a DVR or digital video recorder. These have been around a lot longer but today’s DVRs feature advanced camera features. This includes high resolutions such as 8mp or 4k and the ability to work with IP cameras. Our DVRs can also do PTZ, also known as Pan tilt zoom, over coax, and audio over COAX too, eliminating the need for pesky additional audio or serial cabling.

We even carry COAX cameras with embedded microphones as well as PTZ capability which can be used with the above DVR features.

Our IP cameras come in solutions so high it will make your head spin, and then to top it off they have advanced camera features powered by AI- also known as artificial intelligence. Some of these features are more basic features, turned more powerful by the AI aid. For example, take motion detection. Now with AI, this is SMD, or smart motion detection. Motion detection used to be an advanced feature in of itself, but now is super common on CCTV, but not like ours!

That’s because our cameras use AI-powered SMD, allowing not only motion detection to occur, and alerting, but to preventing false alerts via exclusion of targets which do not conform to shapes resembling people or vehicles. Our cameras also feature a more advanced solution called intelligent video surveillance which uses on-screen drawn tip wires and intrusion boxes to trigger recording and alerting. To take this even futher, this is now AI-powered also, allowing you to again exclude of targets that do not conform to shapes resembling people or vehicles. The reduction of false alerts will keep you only looking at footage that matters.

On top of all of this, and even more amazing features all of our systems are capable of remote viewing. This means with a good quality internet connection and a smartphone or PC, you can see your cameras anywhere in the world. This is not a paid service and is available to all our customers free of charge along with the hardware!

CCTV is an extremely important part of any functional security system. CCTV is important too because it helps you keep a visual record of events, and can prevent bad things from happening in the first place! For more info on the amazing tech, and how to achieve total security on-site at your location; Call SCK at 561-288-5258 Today!

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