Memorial Day Sale 2022

Memorial Day Sale 2022

Memorial Day Sale 2022
Security Camera King is proud to show off our amazing products for our Memorial Day Sale 2022! First off let’s talk about the sale deal and what you can expect. Not only does Security Camera King already offer the greatest selection of online CCTV and Access control hardware money can buy, but now we have an amazing Memorial Day Sale 2022 which knocks the price of our entire inventory down by 10% as long as you remember to use the code MEMORIAL22 at checkout! Not only are we knocking 10% off the price of our entire store, but this also includes free shipping on all orders regardless of size! Now is the time to take advantage of our amazing offers. You might be asking what it is we carry, well come take a look!

CCTV Eqipment:

First off we are Security Camera king after all! While we carry more than one security technology we primarily specialize in CCTV, that’s closed-circuit television for the uninitiated. What is CCTV? Well, Closed Circut Television is the use of security cameras positioned strategically throughout a location in order to provide security footage. This footage is collected by having your CCTV cameras connected back to a central recording station, called a recorder, in order to have a record of this footage for you to reference in case there is an incident that is security-related on site.  Simply having CCTVC cameras at your location can act as a deterrent as well, which says: “hey we’re filming this location, better not try anything funny!” to anyone who sets foot on the property.

Clearly, CCTV is integral to any location security and there’s more than one way to build an amazing CCTV system. That’s because there are several competing technologies out there that one can use to build their CCTV system. There are two main Kinds, NVRT and IP, and DVR/COAX. Which one is best for you?

DVR and COAX tech has been around for basically forever at this point! They are much older than NVRs and IP cameras. COAX tech has been regularly available for commercial and residential use since about 1999.  DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. A DVR is a device that can digitally capture, encode, and store video data from a source other than itself called an ‘external source’. DVRs are used for multiple purposes, as you know they are used in CCTV for security cameras just about everywhere. They have also been used commonly for in-home Television applications. You may even have a DVR at home from your cable company that’s used for recording live TV shows that you might otherwise have missed.

In the CCTV industry, however, DVRs are used to capture the incoming video signal from security cameras. The types of security cameras that connect to DVRs are not IP, they don’t have ethernet cable connections to a PC network, nor use IP addresses. These cameras use a Coaxial  -or COAX-  cable that is connected to the ports on the back of the DVR.  This is able to then transmit video data to the Recorder. This is why we call DVR and HD over Analog Cameras “COAX CCTV Technologies”. 

DVR setups are best in locations with existing wiring.


Just like a DVR, NVRs are recorders meant for capturing CCTV footage- but the way this is accomplished is very different. With an NVR, this device connects to a computer network on-site, or its own private network. On this network, there would be network cameras- also known as IP cameras- sharing the network. Over this digital network, the NVR can connect to the IP cameras and record their video data. Unlike DVRs, NVRs let their IP cameras do all the coding and processing of the video data, to be handed off to the NVR for recording. 

IP Cameras use POE or power over ethernet in order to get their power, and video data across a single cat5e or cat6 ethernet cable. This makes them an amazing choice for brand new installations which don’t have existing cable already. Running only a single cable for each camera on a new install is far less labor-intensive and a lot more cost-effective!

Access Control

CCTV isn’t the only security technology we carry we also work with Access control devices too! What is Access Control? Access control is the use of magnetic powered locks and powered strikes connected to a central computer board which can provide access to those locked doors via Keycards, pin pads, keyfobs, and entry/exit buttons. This allows the owner of the property to control, who has access, where, and when, on the entire location!

If you have any questions about any products, please call in to talk to a sales pro at 561-288-5258! We are standing by to assist you. Our memorial day sale is also valid over the phone, if you feel more comfortable building a system with assistance, rest assured we will make sure you still get your memorial day discount. This sale ends at MIDNIGHT 5/31/2022, any quotes made before then will return to the normal rate after the sale so act soon! If buying online don’t forget to use code MEMORIAL22

Thanks for joining us today as we talked about Our Memorial Day Sale! Please call sales at 561-288-5258  for any info on products, sales, or compatibility. Until next time, stay safe!

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