October 3, 2014

A Common Sense Guide to Installing a Camera System

So you want a security system, and you’re thinking about installing it yourself to save some cash. Great! Let me just say that you have just made the best or worst decision of your life…maybe. What do I mean? Well, essentially, make sure you can chew everything you have just bitten off. There are a […]
September 8, 2014

Where Should I Place My Security Cameras In My Business?

Where Should I Place My Security Cameras In My Business? It would seem a rather simple question. Exactly what did you want to see? However yet, there are some elements to consider when designing your camera plan that you may not have considered. I have listed some of the things you might want to cover […]
January 10, 2014

Five Things to Consider for When Selecting a CCTV Camera System Component, Package, and Company

When shopping for a security camera system, its very easy to fall into any of the traps set by good marketing and advertising. You have to navigate through oodles of jargon and flat out lies in order to even start your decision. Here’s a few ways to tell whether or not you’re getting a good […]
August 14, 2013

A Common Sense Guide to Buying Security System Cameras

Today’s security market is going crazy! People are scrambling to protect themselves, their families, possessions, businesses, etc. The economy has created a whole new wave of crime and out of control is only the start of the description of what’s going wrong. This craze has in turn created a new type, style, and breed of consumer. Oblivious, and its not their fault. Most retailers confuse the average guy or girl so badly that “up” isn’t even a direction anymore. Well, I’m going to sort all of that out for you. By the time you’ve gotten through this brief read, you’ll be armed to the teeth with information that your average reseller isn’t even going to have. Let’s get into it!
February 22, 2013

Effective Home Security Tips for this Season

by Matt Stetson Home Security is always important all year long, but at this time of the year we think about it even more. With all of our dreams and visions of the perfect Holiday, who could bear the disaster of a break in now? We have to do everything possible to protect our investments. […]