Security Systems

A Common Sense Guide to Buying Security System Cameras

Today’s security market is going crazy! People are scrambling to protect themselves, their families, possessions, businesses, etc. The economy has created a whole new wave of crime and out of control is only the start of the description of what’s going wrong. This craze has in turn created a new type, style, and breed of consumer. Oblivious, and its not their fault. Most retailers confuse the average guy or girl so badly that “up” isn’t even a direction anymore. Well, I’m going to sort all of that out for you. By the time you’ve gotten through this brief read, you’ll be armed to the teeth with information that your average reseller isn’t even going to have. Let’s get into it!

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HowTo Articles

A Common Sense Approach to Choosing Cameras for People Fed Up With Salespeople and Pitches

One of the most confusing things anyone can do is attempt to buy cameras with a limited amount of knowledge. There is so much misleading, conflicting, and flat outright wrong information on the internet and coming from sales persons, that its enough to drive any new buyer absolutely insane! I’m going to try to help you, the end user, make the very best decision possible with these few tips. Use them as a checklist, and you should be able to quickly narrow down the right camera for your needs.

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