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Benefits Of Owning A Front Doorbell Camera

The popularity of the front doorbell camera is a testament to the security and peace of mind this security camera provides consumers. These devices use a monitor and intercom that users have access to allowing them to directly speak to visitors at the door. A doorbell camera is also a fantastic addition to the overall security plan of a home. In addition to the advanced features and capabilities, doorbell security cameras provide users with convenience.

A doorbell security camera, when used with a monitor, is able to deliver users with an all-in-one home alarm system, access control system, and video intercom system. The Following article will highlight the unique features and advantages of adopting a front doorbell camera. If you have any further questions or require assistance be sure to contact Security Camera King today for more information.

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The following article will use Security Camera King’s Video Doorbell Security Cameras as an example. However, most doorbell security cameras come with similar capabilities. These doorbell security cameras not only are a relatively inexpensive investment but they can also be set up to record directly to an internal SD card, integrated with NVR, and act as a standalone unit. Consumers can also have their front doorbell camera set up to send them notifications to their phone or any other internet connected device.

An app can also be installed that allows a user to lock and unlock two electronic locks and even has a fire integration system. Doorbell security cameras are available in two types, including a wired system and a wireless system. A wired system is directly connected to a home’s security system while a wireless system is connected wirelessly through a local Wifi network.

The features available to front doorbell camera users are able to provide benefits that not only enhance the overall security and safety of a home but are also a great added convenience at an affordable price. Below are some of the benefits users can expect when adopting these security devices for their home.

Advantages Of A Front Doorbell Camera

See Visitors At The Front Door
The primary benefit consumers who purchase a front doorbell security camera can enjoy is the ability to see visitors at the door. Everyone has at some point snuck slowly to check who is on the front porch after hearing the doorbell or a knock at the door. Fortunately for the less agile, a video doorbell camera solves this issue entirely. When a visitor is at the front door, the video doorbell camera can detect their presence and notify the user. The user is then able to view a clear image of whoever is at the front door.
Speak To Visitors Directly
In addition to seeing who is at the door, users are able to speak with visitors using a two-way communication system. This adds an important level of safety for users particularly the elderly. A smartphone feature exists that allows users to communicate through their phone for added convenience.

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Know Who Visited
One useful feature of a front doorbell camera is their ability to let users know when visitors arrive and the residence is empty. If the video call is missed for whatever reason, then the video doorbell will capture an image of the visitor complete with time and date. Users will always know who has come by the front door.
A Powerful Deterrent
Any form of security, particularly security cameras, can act as a deterrent against criminals looking to target a home. Security specialists consistently agree that the mere presence of security cameras such as a video doorbell can completely deter criminals from targeting that particular home. Criminals will always go after the easiest target available.
Provide Important Video Footage
In the event that a home is broken into the video footage captured by the front doorbell camera can provide valuable evidence that law enforcement can review. The high-resolution video footage produced by doorbell cameras means that important details such as facial characteristics can be clearly identified. In addition to evidence, the video footage can also be used when filing an insurance claim.
Make Receiving Deliveries Easier
Many people have had the experience of waiting on a package that seems to never arrive and the delivery service claims no one was home. Everyone has at some point experienced this nuisance, however, a video doorbell can easily solve this issue. The video doorbell can alert users when a delivery person arrives and can log the time and date. Users can also use their smartphone to check when the package has been left and can quickly pick the package up after to prevent tempting any would-be thieves.
Add Value To A Property
In recent years, real estate research has shown an increased interest from buyers for homes that already come with a security surveillance system. A video doorbell is one security feature which can serve as an important selling point for potential real estate buyers. This makes adopting a video doorbell an important investment for the present and future.
A Lower Home Insurance Bill
Since 2015, every four out of ten home insurance providers have begun partnering with security-related manufacturers who offer users an opportunity to lower their home insurance bill. Not only will a front doorbell camera enhance the security of a residence but it can also lower insurance premiums, which can save homeowners money every year.
Additional High-Resolution Video Surveillance
A video doorbell camera makes a great addition to any home’s security surveillance system and is a powerful tool. Users can view a camera feed at any time from the convenience of their smartphone and can enjoy high-resolution video feeds. The day and night video quality is consistently clear and details can be identified easily.

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