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How to Program Biometric Access Control Reader to 4-Door Access Control Board

The purpose of this article is to provide a quick tutorial on how to program a Biometric Elite Access Control Reader with our 4-Door Elite Access Control Board. I assume here that you’ve already gone through the other tutorials on how to program your user card’s time profiles and levels. If not, please visit our Video Vault for access to all of our available tutorials on access control equipment. You’re also welcome to watch the video tutorial located at the bottom of the page.

How to Program Biometric Elite Access Control Reader to 4-Door Elite Access Control Board

So, let’s go ahead and jump into programming the fingerprint reader for this user. Let’s go ahead and click on the option next to the Access icon. If you select each one of the doors and right click the door and select door configuration, you’ll have a menu appear.

In this menu you can actually select your unlock mode type, which are password, card, card plus password, timezone, fingerprint, card / password / fingerprint, and card plus fingerprint.

Although the default setting is card / password / fingerprint, which means all three options can be used to unlock the door, card plus fingerprint and fingerprint are considered a more secure standard for this type of setup.

Go ahead and select Fingerprint. Then click Save. Now the only a fingerprint can unlock the door you just modified. Next, go ahead and select User on the left menu. Now, add one new user.  In the new user, complete the field with the following:

User ID: 1 | Name: Demo | Department: Default Department | Card No: 123456

Now select the Fingerprint Info tab. Click the dropdown to change the reader to ACS Reader. In the next dropdown box, select it and click Elite AC Tester then locate the door you previously modified. Click on collect. Once there is a connection to the reader, it will be blinking. Asa it’s blinking, place your finger on the biometric reader. Remove your finger. Now place your finger on the reader for a second finger reading. It should then say Successfully Collect Fingerprint.

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The first time is to collect the information. The second time will collect the information and that with the first time to make sure there are no errors whatsoever. You will want to make sure that your reader is properly cleaned before doing a new reading and make sure all fingers are clean of oils, water, lotion, or anything else that might interfere with collecting the fingerprint.

To add multiple fingerprints, simply rename the first fingerprint collected whichever finger it is (thumb, index, etc). Then select Collect again, which will create more blinking on the screen. Place the second finger down firmly then take it off and place it back on for the second fingerprint reading. You will see Successfully Collect on your screen if done properly. Be sure to rename this finger, as well. Once you are done, select Finish to save.

Next, go to Access Control on the left side of the screen. Here you can control the different times of the day, days, holidays, and more for when the user is allowed access to the specific door. In Access Level, add a door group. Select the door the user has access to from the list. Then edit the name of the Door group to Fingerprint Users, or whatever you’d like. Click Save once you are done. You can also add another Door Group to keep the users separate and to use as a general list.

Next, go to User Rights. Then select the pencil icon at the top to select a door group. Check the box next to the group you just made (Fingerprint Users). Slick OK to save. Now, click on Console. Place the programmed finger on the biometric reader. You should see a time and event with a description show up every time the door is unlocked. These events will describe all the moments and times happen throughout the day.

That concludes the tutorial on how you program a biometric reader from our Elite series to our Elite Access Control Board. If you have any questions regarding any of the steps in this process or if you’d like to speak with someone regarding a different matter, give our team a call at 865738878 option 2 for sales or option 3 for tech support.

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How to Program Biometric Elite Access Control Reader to 4-Door Elite Access Control Board

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