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If you have an apartment, office, or warehouse a building security system can be the solution for all your security needs. In fact, today’s technology has created features and options in security system components that make them adaptable to almost any type of building.

Staffing a security department or hiring a security contractor to provide security monitoring for a building can be an expensive venture. If the building(s) is(are) part of your business, an entire security department may need to be created to cover the area. On the other hand, there are plenty of “manned” security contracting companies that can be hired, but these are usually expensive and the commitment and cost are usually ongoing.

A building security system can provide you with the full time monitoring and recording coverage you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a fraction of the cost of other methods. In addition, a building security system is a component system that can be added to as your needs increase. Also, a digital video system is versatile in application so that it can be used in almost any type of building or atmosphere.

The key to the versatility of the building security system is the digital video camera. It incorporates the most modern electronic and mechanical technology available to offer incredible features and options at very economical prices. Cameras can basically be categorized into two types based on where they are used; indoors or outdoors.

Outdoor cameras are the same as indoor cameras, except they provide a case or enclosure that protects the camera from weather and other environmental elements. Outdoor cameras can be mounted in a variety of locations and can provide you with complete three-dimensional perimeter coverage. Building security system cameras can be placed to cover all exterior areas of a building including entrances and exits as well on the rooftop for complete coverage.

Indoor cameras can provide coverage anywhere that it is needed, especially at entrances, exits, elevators, and major thoroughfares like lobbies and stairways. Most digital video cameras are capable of recording audio as well as video. When these are used at major entrances they can replace typical security entrance guards or security key systems and can typically only require one individual to monitor them.

Both types of cameras can come with pan, tilt, and/or zoom functions (PTZ). Panning and tilting allows the camera to change positions increasing its field of view. The zoom feature uses an adjustable telephoto lens to enlarge objects, especially those away from the camera. These cameras when used with motion detection programming can track and follow moving objects. This type of building security system is extremely useful for parking garages.

Other building security system camera features include day/night vision which can produce video images in conditions with very little visible light and night vision infrared cameras that can produce video images in total darkness. Both types of cameras produce high quality color video and the night vision IR camera produces high quality black and white or monochromatic video under infrared conditions.

Night vision infrared cameras are particularly useful because the produce no visible light, making them a little less obvious. Night vision IR cameras normally have IR Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs that accompany the camera and supply IR illumination on the target area. It’s like using a flood light or spotlight to the camera, but the human eye cannot detect it.

Another significant benefit available on building security system cameras is the wireless feature. Cameras use the 2.4 or 5.8 GHz radio band technology to send their signals thereby eliminating the need for cabling and making installation a snap.

If your building has broadband internet available you can use the IP (Internet Protocol) cameras that can be networked using the internet. These cameras can be monitored from wherever there is accessibility to the internet.

The camera’s images are sent to a processor that converts the video images into standard digital video files. Since these files are often incredibly large, a COmpression/DECompression or CODEC utility is used to reduce the size of the file while maintaining high quality video. Once this is accomplished, the files are stored on the DVR for viewing later or archiving.

If you own a building that needs monitoring, you can’t go wrong with a building security system. This versatile, affordable electronic aid can save you tremendous amounts of money otherwise spent on security and can offer you the peace-of-mind knowing what is there 24/7.


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