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Camera Features Available Through SCK

Camera Features Available Through SCK
Here at Security Camera King, we carry a wide selection of high-tech CCTV equipment including recorders and a variety of security camera features. Security cameras are an extremely important part of ensuring your location is fully secure. There are many pieces to this puzzle. When we think of security we think of the idea that a location has ways of both deterring events that would compromise the safety of our property, but also to provide us the ability to prove our case and have evidence of such events if they, unfortunately, do occur. That’s what CCTV or closed-circuit television really is. The power to have recorded data on hand, readily available to prove your case to whatever authority might need it. This could be an insurance company, court of law, employer or workers compensation, etc. However, CCTV can be more than just a reactive solution. With the variety of Security camera features available today, the number of proactive security goals you can accomplish with CCTV is more available than ever.

Motion Detection:
One of the more common security camera features, present on almost any camera today, is motion detection. Motion detection uses information gathered from the data in the scene, to watch for changes in the scene that likely represent movement. Using various parameters for sensitivity, and a threshold for the amount of time, as well as being able to define in the scene where to look for changes, these cameras can be programmed to let their recording stations or ‘recorder’s know when a motion event is occurring. The result of this can be several things, ranging from nothing other than a recording indication to getting notifications via smartphone and/or desktop app remotely,  pairing the recorder or cameras to a local alarm system to trigger the alarm upon these motion detection rules, or any combination of these things.

Much like motion detection, Intelligent Video Surveillance is one of the more common and sought-after security camera features. Similar to motion detection in its functionality and purpose, IVS allows the user to judge movement in a scene, but with far more precision and specificity. You can set tripwire or intrusion box lines in the scene, and an object such as a person or vehicle would have to cross via the specified direction(s) to trigger the rule, resulting in similar reactions as explained above in motion detection. These two features greatly assist in even local security personnel being able to track the day-to-day activity on the premises.

Active Deterrence:
One of our newest camera features is active deterrence. Cameras with Active deterrence Utilize IVS rules, in tandem with a built-in speaker and Bright flashing LED. These cameras have the ability to sound an alarm when someone breaks an IVS trigger rule. The alarm can be one of the stock sounds or phrases, or custom sound and recording can be uploaded as well.  This allows the camera to function as either a deterrent or even as a greeter. The camera could be programmed to sound an alarm and alert trespassers they are being watched, deterring them from committing a crime. it could also be set to greet guests with a positive message “welcome to our store, have a great day!”

IR and Starlight Technology:
Most CCTV cameras today come equipped with an Infrared lighting emitter to blanket the area with infrared light at night, to allow it to still be able to see in the dark albeit in a monochrome image. Starlight technology is an enhancement to a camera’s ability to see in dimmer, but available lighting, which has two benefits. Firstly, a camera will be able to see outdoors in the evening a bit longer before it must switch to IR. This could mean a camera sees in a clear color image up to 7 o clock at night rather than 5:30 or 6. It also means that when IR does activate, the starlight feature allows the camera to capture a better quality image, allowing more visibility of details even in black and white.

PTZ and MZ
Pan, Tilt, and Zoom, three functions that are important to camera soften position in strategic locations. Not every camera possesses these features, and those that do are referred to as PTZ cameras. These units have the ability to turn left and right, up and down, and zoom in and out to a distance specified by the type of lens being used. Additionally, some cameras feature an optical zoom function without the pan and tilt functions, and these are MZ or ‘motorized zoom’ cameras. Both are great for various purposes, always talk to a sales pro to determine what works best for you.

There are many awesome CCTV camera features available, more even than mentioned here. If you’ve got a unique situation and are looking for solutions, give our Sales pros a call For any questions on product compatibility, availability or any other information at 561-288-5258 . Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Tutorials and CCTV info. Until Next time, Stay Safe!

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