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CCTV Notifications Setup up by SCK

CCTV Notifications Setup up by SCK
One of the coolest features of SCK’s CCTV equipment is remote viewing, and part of that is the ability to get CCTV notifications on your phone! Making a ‘How to’ guide for setting up CCTV notifications is something we’ve been asked for a bunch of times of our security records are capable of remote viewing, meaning the ability to view the cameras live and recordings from a non-local location using the internet. This can be done on your PC or smartphone, and when done on the phone one can also set up CCTV Notifications. There are several benefits to being able to do this. The first is to be able to see what is going on via live streaming footage and react appropriately. We call this process remote viewing. It’s important to understand that you will need to set up and activate, as well as ensure the functionality of remote viewing before attempting to turn on CCTV Notifications to your smart device. 

There are other benefits to having a remote viewing setup complete beyond simply being able to see what is occurring right now. The best example of this is CCTV Notifications, which can be of course set to alert you when recording rules trigger, and even when there are issues with the functionality of the system itself.

For example, if you have Intelligent video Survellience (IVS) and/or motion detection (or SMD) rules set up on your cameras, these can work with your app to help you, the user, know when one of these rules has been triggered. This could be if someone walks into the field of view of a motion detection camera. It could also be when someone trips a tripwire or passes through an intrusion box in IVs rules. Whatever the case, your app when set up for remote viewing can react to these events by triggering notifications on the app. This lets you, the user know when and where to search for footage on your system

To take it further though, the app is also capable of playing back video data steaming, from the recorder’s hard disk. This means that you can get an alert for an event, then, from that same app watch the event the notification is referring to. sometimes this works directly from the notification itself, but it’s more effective to simply initiate playback yourself at the prospective time. You should also check out our guide on How to playback Security footage from your Smartphone, coming soon. However, today’s guide is designed to show you How to set up Security Alerts on Your Smartphone

  1. The Recorder needs to be connected to an ISP network
  2. You need to have the app Elite Viewer Pro installed
  3. Your recorder and App need to be paired for remote viewing already, that guide can be found HERE

Once everything is set and ready to go, we’ll be able to show you How to set up Security Alerts on Your Smartphone, of course using the paired Elite Viewer pro app. Watch the video below, and follow the quick guide to walk you through the steps! So get your smartphone ready, and we can begin:

How to set up Security Alerts on Your Smartphone, the Steps:

  1. Open up the app: “Elite Viewer Pro” from your smartphone, the icon might show as EVP.

  2. Once the app loads, take note of the fact that you should be able to see your camera system within the list there. if you see nothing here, you might still have to set up remote viewing as we mentioned before.

  3. If you can see the system, go ahead and tap the 3 dot menu icon above your camera system, then tap “Device Details”.

  4. On the next page, you’ll see it loads a new menu. On this menu, tap the option Notification.

  5. You’ll now be on a page that is a list of any camera systems (most people just have one) paired with the app. Next to each entry, you’ll see a slider Go ahead and tap the slider for your system so that it turns blue and is ‘on’.

  6. This will cause a list to appear of the various kinds of alerts, or notifications, you can actiate- such as Motion or IVS, in our example, we are setting up for motion- so go ahead and tap that.A

  7. From the motion page, you’ll see options for both Smart-Motion-Detection (SMD) and regular Motion detection, you an also set for both. in our example we’re just doing regular motion, so tap that option.

  8. From here, a list of all available camera channels on this system will populate. You can select manually which cameras you want to recieve alerts for, or select all. .

  9. Once you’ve made your selection, Then Tap the back arrow in the top left, and then on the page after tap the same arrow one more time, and on the final page in the top right tap SAVE.

  10. congratulations, you’ve just finished setting up alerts!

Thanks for joining us today as we walked you through how to set up CCTV notifications. For more information on this process or any questions regarding product availability, compatibility, or functionality all pour sales Pros today at 561-288-5258 and until next time-


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