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Complete Security with Security Camera King

Complete Security with Security Camera King
Hey everyone, SCK here with another article today, this time covering the topic of achieving “Complete Security”. Today we wanted to talk to you about the various aspects of security, and what it means to try and achieve ‘Complete security’. While nothing in the universe is 100% foolproof to the point of absolute guarantee, there are tons of things you can do to ensure your security technologies are working for you. When we say, completesecurity, what we really mean is the idea that for any flaw, or gap one layer has in keeping you secure, another layer is in place to mitigate or eliminate that. In short, we mean many security technologies working together to form a singular cohesive security system.

Security Camera King is a top retailer of security systems and access control in the USA, and we know what technologies are needed in order for you to keep your location on-lock.   When you own a home or business, there comes with that the responsibility to keep yourself, your family, or your employees, and everyone’s property are safe and secure. This is most easily accomplished using multiple security components in tandem, not just one or the other. All of these kinds of technologies working together, help create complete security for your location.

The First Layer
While we carry the equipment needed to keep you secure, know that there are other aspects of security you’ll want to consider as well. Consider having an alarm system installed on-site and monitored by a reputable alarm monitoring company. These systems will notify you, or the authorities in the event of an unauthorized entry or break in. They also can deter thieves or criminals from acting any further than the break-in attempt as the alarm siren is designed as a deterrent to scare off intruders.

Additionally, for business, you’ll likely want to have on-site security employees. these licensed and trained guards can react to situations on-site and assist with entry/exit operations for authorized personel. Guards are often equipped with non-lethal methods of subduing violent criminals, and can even be trained and licensed to carry concealed weapons in some states/counties.

However, even with both the benefits of an alarm system and on-site Gurad personnel, you still need other components to achieve complete security. Guards can not be in more than one place at a time and are expensive to hire and employ. Alarm systems can’t always be counted on to do their job, and, often notify you ant the police too later to react in real-time to an incident.

These two options are considered the first layer of protection, but you’ll need a second and third layer to achieve complete secuity. The additonal laters we are referrign to are CCTV, and Access control systems. read on to learn more about these Technologies that we carry, and how they can benefit your location, wether you have a business or residence.

CCTV and Cameras
CCTV is an acronym that stands for or closed-circuit television. CCTV is the combination of cameras, and recording devices such as DVRs or NVRS. These technologies working together at a location recording footage is a CCTV system. CCTV is important for several reasons. The first being the ability to have evidence to prove fault in accidents or criminal activity. The second is to monitor events live, so personnel like guards can react.

Access Control
Access control encompasses devices installed on-site that control who can and cannot enter or exit through the various doorways, or gates at any given location. Using a combination of Maglocks, Door strikes, keypads, readers, and computer technology, the management of a facility can register employees and guests for access and control precisely who, when, how, and which access points can be used.

Thanks for reading our article today about achieving complete security at your home or business. if you have any questions about the products we carry, what services we offer, or compatiiblity withhardware ypou might have, don’t hesitate to give one of our highkly triane dsale sPros a call! That number is 561-288-5258! Until next time, Stay Safe!

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