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Fully Secure Home

Fully Secure Home
A fully secure home is a goal most responsible homeowners have that wish to protect their investment, and loved ones. Hello, we are security Camera  King and we are retailers of the worlds most cutting edge CCTV equipment available for the home sector. We want to talk to you today about all  of the options you have in helping achieve a fully secure home, and what steps you can take fill out out any security gaps you might have at your current residence. Why should you trust what we have to say? We have been selling security systems to the residential and business sector for over 15 years. In that time we have learned the ins and outs of all the technologies currently available and what works and what just doesn’t. We understand how these things operate and provide world class technical support. Beyond our product itself being incredible, out knowledge in operating it is second to none. Know that with Security Camera King we always have your back and will help you with setup as well as troubleshooting any security issues, goals, or flaws you might currently have. With that out of the way, on to helping you get a fully secure home!

You  might be wondering what the first step to securing your home properly is. Keep in mind that as we go through explaining the best steps to do this, that’ll of these measures are important and work together in order to paint a full security picture. If you’re missing any one of these core components, you may not be fully secure.

The first type of security technology you should consider having at the home is an alarm system. Security camera king does not carry or deal in alarm systems directly, but that doesn’t mean we don’t understand their value. quite the contrary, one thing we always tell our customers looking for the best security camera system is that they should also have an alarm system installed at the home as a first line of defense. When you have an alarm system installed, intruders will be greeted with a siren, or alarm noise of some kind which immediately lets them know they’re being monitored. This generally encourages intruders to vacate the premises less they be confronted with authorities that tour alarm systems monitoring company will have called to the premises. However great an alarm system is, it wont deter every intruder or thief and that’s where access control comes in,

Access control is a special series of electric locking hardware designed to keep your location completely locked down unless an authorized person is trying to enter. The electronic locks are tied to a central station which provides access to   and from the doors via keypads, card readers, and exit buttons. While many smaller homes and apartments might not be able to use that much access control, larger properties especially those with metal gates can certainly take advantage of this incredible tech which prevents even the most encouraged of thieves from making their way in.

However if alarm systems fail to prevent thieves from stealing on your property, and access control either isn’t an option or cant be used at a particular perimeter point, the most important thing you can have installed at your location is what we know best- CCTV.

CCTV stands for closed circuit television, and is more commonly known today as “security cameras”. Security cameras #1 job is to record footage at your home, especially and directly on key areas of importance or perimeter locations where break ins are most likely to occur. If a break in occurs at your home, authorities and insurance companies are going to want evidence in order to be able to better assist you in prosecuting those who are responsible and for potentially recovering any damages that may have been caused.

What’s great about our CCTV systems is that when connected into the internet you have remote access to gather and view your recorded footage and live feed from anywhere in the world right to your computer or smartphone.

You’ll even get notifications for key events based on the priority and types of rules you set. Our systems can pertform AI, motion detection, line crossing and other advanced features to always keep you in the know. With Security Camera King CCTV hardware, you are your own eye in the sky. With our lifetime technical support you never have to worry about an issue or a setup procedure assist, we’re there M-F 9am-5PM EST.

For more information on how you can make your home fully secure, dont hesitate to give one of our sales pros a call or use the live chat option found at the bottom right hand corner of the Page. We can be reached at 561 288 5258.

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