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Choosing a CCTV System with SCK!
Choosing a CCTV System can be a tough decision to make! Security Camera King is here to help make that choice a bit more clear! First a bit about who we are and why you can trust what we have to say!

For over ten years now, Security Camera King has been helping retail customers with choosing a CCTV system that’s right for them. We planted our roots in South Florida with our installation and retail CCTV and Security company TechPro Security. Our local customers loved our work and product so much that word spread and soon we had to start selling nationally. Now TechPro is our south Florida installations company, and Security Camera King is our online retail sales outlet! With a  dedicated team of highly trained sales professionals backed by a dedicated world class technical support staff, Security Camera King provides more than just a product. From the second you work with us, our sales pros are on the ball helping you with choosing a CCTV system that makes sense for you, and your needs. After you receive your product, you’ll have access to lifetime technical support from our team of tech support agents. They are standing by Monday through Friday 9AM- 6PM EST waiting to assist with setup, remote viewing, troubleshooting, or any technical questions you might have on how to accomplish your security and CCTV goals using your new system. At Security Camera King, we know security and we’re here to help. Now about that CCTV system!

Choosing a CCTV system can be difficult for the  novice because there are so many options, features, recorders, technologies and terms, it can be overwhelming if you’re not in the know. Not to worry because security camera king can help! First lets talk a bit about what CCTV options are available today, and that will help clear up what kind of CCTV system will work for your particular needs and/or security goals.

COAX Systems:

Coax Cameras and recorders are some of the most common CCTV technologies working in the world right now. In fact, the vast majority of functioning embedded CCTV systems still running today are definitely COAX. So what is a coax CCTV system? well COAX is just short for coaxial cable, and it refers to the type of cable used to transmit video for these types of CCTV systems. What’s interesting about COAX systems is that they’ve been around the longest of the two main types of CCTV systems currently in operation. While the type of cable being used in these systems has remained mostly the same, the signal transmitted over has changed as technology has gotten better. Older COAX systems used analog television signals which had limited quality and were often recorded to VHS tapes where quality was further reduced especially via repated playback.

Today’s Coax systems don’t utilize analog TV signals but rather instead use digital High Definition signals. That means that their ability to perform at much higher resolutions as well as access much better newer features is possible. For example, Modern COAX camera systems can now perform up to 4k resolution, access remote viewing features, control zoom and other camera settings directly via the coax cable, utilize motion detection, and more.

Todays Digital Video Recorders don’t use VHS, or even burn to CDs or DVDs. Instead they digitally encode the video footage from cameras onto a computer hard disk for quick, reliable access and expanded storage!

IP Camera Systems:

IP cameras utilize network connections to computer networks over ethernet, and on rare occasions wifi. These cameras are the newest and most advanced CCTV technology in the world. They are capable of incredible quality via high resolution and high framerate. They can utlize the most advanced AI features such as Realtime facial recognition and database, license plate capture and database, lien crossing intrusion box, heat mapped thermal and much more.

These cameras communicate with a recorder called an NVR, or Network Video Recorder. They can even communicate with a recorder over the internet, and do not have to be local to the location. The Recorder  provides access to itself remotely just liek with a DVR! Most large business, major office and operations, especially the newest ones are already utlizling IP camera systems.

So which should you use?

That greatly depends on your security goals, and whether or not you have any existing cameras at your location. However the only real way to know what’s best for you is to talk to one of our sales professionals. They are highly knowledgeable and can listen to your specific situation, desciption of your location, and your security needs. With this in mind they can suggest the best possible system for your needs. Depending on what technology you currently have available, or what existing cables or lines are in the area, as well as your security budget, this will help aid them in guiding you in the right direction.

Don’t hesitate to reach out today! Call now at 5612885258! Or use the livechat option at the bottom right corner of the screen. We’re standing by M-F 9-5 EST to assist!

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