How to Connect a DVR Using an iPhone
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How to Connect Your DVR Using an iPhone

This article is a quick tutorial on how to connect a DVR using an iPhone. For this tutorial, we will be using the TechPro SS+ application, which can be found on the Apple App Store. 

Be sure to download the app on your phone once you are ready to begin. You can also follow along with our video demonstration, which can be found at the bottom of this article. 

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How to Connect Your DVR Using an iPhone

To start, make sure you install the TechPro++  app on your phone. You will also need to gather a few things before being able to connect your DVR.

Make sure you have the internal IP of your DVR, the TCP port of the DVR, and its username and password. To get this information, simply go to the Main Menu>Settings>Network in the interface.

You iPhone also needs to be connected to the local WiFi that the DVR is also connected to. It will also work if your phone is connected to the same router as your DVR. Once you have your IP address and have verified your connections, you’re ready to continue. 

Add DVR to Device Manager

First, open the TechPro++ app on your iPhone. Then select the upper-left icon to go to Device Manager. Next, select Add in the top right corner. Now select Manual Add. Here you will need to manually add your information (Name, Address, Port, Username, Password, Channel).

In name, you can pick any name that you want to use. For address, you will have to input the internal IP address of your DVR. In Port, enter whatever the TCP port of your DVR is set to. Username and password will be the credentials you use to log in to the DVR. Lastly, Channels will be the number of channels or amount of cameras that you want to have on your DVR.

Once you are done entering this information, select save. Then select the menu icon located in the upper left corner to return to the previous menu.

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Adding Cameras to Live Preview

Next, we will connect to the DVR and view the cameras. To do this, first open Live Preview inside the menu. You should see a number of windows show up with plus signs in them. These windows are the available channels. 

Next, select the plus sign inside one of the boxes to open a channel. Once the box is highlighted, select the plus sign again. Locate the DVR name that you created or want to add then select the green button next to it to open a drop-down menu.

In the drop-down menu, select the camera you want to view in the Live Preview. Do this again for each of the cameras you want to be able to view. You can also double-tap the channel to open that camera in fullscreen.

Inside fullscreen mode, you can view the camera in landscape by turning your device. There is also a menu that appears on the right side of the screen. In the menu, you can touch the camera icon to take a snapshot. Snapshots are stored in your device’s internal storage. You can also add specific camera views to your favorites by selecting the star icon.

On the bottom of the screen, you can view other functions. For PTZ cameras, select the preview and move the viewing angle simply by swiping to the left or right. Pinch the preview with two fingers to zoom in or out.

Note: There is a separate app available for iPads called Track Process that supports up to 16 channels. Here, you can view as many as 16 cameras at the same time. 

Access the DVR Externally

To view your cameras while you are traveling, you will need to access the DVR externally. To access your DVR externally, you must create an external connection. First, you’ll need to know what your external IP address is. Once you are on a computer or device that is connected to the external network, you go to a website like to get the IP address.

Return to the main menu and then select Device Manager. Next, select Add and Manually Add. Add your information for the DVR once again to distinguish it as the external connection. After you are finished putting in your information, select Save.

Make sure the Wifi on your iPhone is turned off. Now, go back to the main menu. Select Live Preview. Choose the plus sign for one of the channels to highlight it. Select the highlighted plus sign again.

Locate the name you just created for your external connection and select the green button next to it. Next, choose the camera you want to add. Do this again for all the security cameras you want to be able to view in Live Preview. The functionality inside the app will be the same as above.

External DVR connections are extremely useful when you need to remotely view your security camera feeds any time you are away from your property. 

Thank you for following along with our tutorial on how to connect your DVR using an iPhone. If you are having any difficulties, please watch the video guide provided below and follow along with our visual demonstration. If you have any difficulties or need further technical support, please contact Security Camera King for help.


How to Connect a DVR Using an iPhone

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