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Tips For Selecting The Best Video Surveillance Cameras

It can be easy for many consumers to end up buying unnecessary video surveillance cameras for their home or business. This is because most people do not have a working knowledge of what to consider when buying security cameras.

Buying the right security cameras can provide major peace of mind twenty-four hours a day. How do you decide what you need in order to have an effective security camera system?

Continue reading to learn more about what to consider when choosing a security camera system for your home or business based on your needs. If you have any more questions or would like to view security cameras for sale online, be sure to visit Security Camera King. 

Locations For Surveillance Cameras

Most people think that the primary question they need to answer is how many security cameras do they need. A better way to look at it is asking yourself, “Where do I need to place security cameras?”

By placing security cameras in strategic locations, you will most likely end up needing less and still maintain an effective system. Below are some of the location applications to consider. 

Security Camera Field Of View

Effective video surveillance cameras must have a clear view of the area they are meant to monitor. The area that the security camera covers is known as the field of view. You must determine the overall field of view for the security camera locations including outdoor and indoor.

Determining field of view requires taking measurements that will influence what the best lens for the security camera will be (more on lenses below).  The best way to get the field of view measurements for each camera is by consulting a security camera expert to perform an assessment.

Identify Visitors With Clarity

Even with a modest budget, you should be able to clearly identify any visitors to your home or business. Detailed clarity will help you identify any possible threats much faster and allow you to respond decisively.

Identifying who enters a commercial property is essential to maintaining security and safety in this kind of property. One of the first things you should do is to determine what areas will have people entering and exiting the property.

Some of these areas include parking lot entrances, gates, doors, windows, and other similar entry points. Video surveillance cameras you purchase should be capable of monitoring and recording these areas day and night. 

Monitor Visitors With Surveillance Cameras

A video surveillance system should be capable of monitoring and recording all visitor traffic and activity. When a crime is committed, readily having surveillance footage available can help retrieve stolen property and stop future crimes.

Monitoring visitor activity will do more than prevent and solve crimes, however. All businesses and commercial properties should have video surveillance cameras as a way to protect themselves against potential injury and lawsuit cases.

In a residential setting, security cameras can capture clues like vehicle description, direction traveling, possible witnesses, and more. 

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Types Of Video Surveillance Cameras

There are a number of different video surveillance cameras to choose from. In addition to placement, the security camera type you choose can improve the security of your property or residence.

The amount of security camera types available can be overwhelming at first. Below is a guide to the different types of security cameras you may want to consider. Before we highlight different security camera types, we should first highlight the importance of the camera lens. 

Security Camera Lens

Choosing the proper lens size is crucial to obtaining detailed and clear video when monitoring your home, property, or business. A good camera lens can even make up for the shortcomings of modest security cameras. Security camera lenses are measured in millimeters. The more millimeters the lens is, the more you will be able to zoom. 

A great way to better understand how camera lenses work is to consider your own eyes. One of your eyes has about the same field of view as a 3mm security camera lens. This is approximately a 90 degrees angle.

When looking at an area that you may want monitored you can close one of your eyes to get an idea of what a 3mm camera lens will be able to see. If you are having trouble choosing the size of the camera lens, it is always recommended that you consult with a security camera expert. 

Traditional or Fixed/Box Surveillance Cameras

Although they are the oldest available design, traditional fixed security cameras are still one of the most popular. Fixed or box security cameras have literally thousands of different lenses available.

This makes them extremely useful for a number of applications including home and business video surveillance. Traditional video surveillance cameras are easily recognized, making them a powerful deterrent against crime. 

Dome Security Cameras

In recent years, dome video surveillance cameras have become increasingly popular. Most dome security cameras come with a 3-axis internal camera adjustment, varifocal lens, and infrared illumination for low light situations.

The biggest reason for their increased popularity is that they can be placed just about anywhere indoors or outdoors. Dome security cameras can also blend into the environment. 

Bullet Surveillance Cameras

Bullet cameras, also known as lipstick cameras, have many of the same capabilities and functions as many of their counterparts. In addition to these capabilities, bullet security cameras have longer range infrared illumination thanks to powerful varifocal lenses. Bullet security cameras are most often installed vertically on poles or walls. 

PTZ Security Cameras

The major advantage that PTZ security cameras give users is their ability to remotely control pan, tilt, and zoom functions. You can quickly adjust the video feed remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Covert Security Cameras

You should always consider installing at least one covert security camera for your video surveillance system. A covert security camera is almost impossible for a criminal to notice and therefore tamper with.

You can also collect powerful evidence with a covert security camera. Chokepoint locations are the best places to install covert surveillance cameras. 

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Video Surveillance Cameras

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