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Parking Lot Surveillance Cameras For Improving Security

The implementation of parking lot surveillance cameras can improve the safety and security of any parking lot in a variety of locations. Parking lots are characteristic for constant vehicle and foot traffic throughout the day and night. Some parking lots are poorly lit or located in neighborhoods with high criminal activity.

Keeping a parking lot safe and secure ensures that people who visit the lot feel assured about parking there. Parking lot owners, therefore, should consider security and safety a paramount concern for continued success. Fortunately, the nature of modern commercial security camera systems means they have never been easier to use or more effective than they are now.

The security surveillance industry is in a constant state of innovation. This has allowed for new technology to improve the capabilities of commercial security cameras for parking lots. No matter what the layout or location of a parking lot is, parking lot surveillance cameras can provide unparalleled security. However, parking lot property owners face many challenges in securing their parking lot.

The Insurance Information Institute noted that in 2016 approximately six billion dollars worth of property was lost due to motor vehicle theft. Vehicles in a parking lot are at risk because oftentimes multiple automobiles are left unattended for long periods of time. Furthermore, parking lots may have multiple blind spots and other vulnerabilities.

Capabilities Of Parking Lot Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance cameras come in a wide range of designs, sizes, and types. Each of these can benefit certain layouts and environments better than others. Understanding the security vulnerabilities of a parking lot can help determine which commercial security camera models would be best. Knowing how to choose a security camera system can also save parking lot owners time and money while improving the overall security of the parking lot.

Most new commercial security surveillance cameras are capable of producing high-quality images and video feeds which can easily identify the details of any area. These high-resolution images can also be produced in dark environments using low-light night security cameras, which can record in almost complete darkness. Some parking lot surveillance cameras can benefit large and open parking lots by using long-range surveillance functionalities.

Unlike analog CCTV surveillance cameras of the past, network IP surveillance cameras no longer need to be hardwired into a property. Instead, the network IP security cameras currently available use an internet connection or even mobile network to transmit video feeds to a monitoring station, an NVR storage device, or a cloud video storage.

There are even remote video surveillance monitoring services now available that can provide twenty-four-hour surveillance by trained security specialists. These services do this by using remote video monitoring using IP cameras. Parking lot owners are also able to access the video feed from any network-enabled device, such as smartphones or tablets.

With these incredible abilities, parking lot surveillance cameras provide benefits for any parking lot regardless of location or layout. Below are a number of benefits that security surveillance cameras for parking lots provide owners.

Affordable Security Solutions

Benefits Of Parking Lot Surveillance Cameras

Installing parking lot surveillance cameras can improve the safety and security of any parking lot and parking garage. The advanced nature of modern security surveillance cameras provides property managers and owners a number of benefits that go beyond safety and security. As previously mentioned, parking lots are often some of the properties most vulnerable to crime.

Below are a number of benefits that implementing security cameras for parking lots can provide those responsible for its security. These benefits make the cost of adopting security camera systems for parking areas a prudent long term investment worth making.

Limit And Prevent Vandalism

Like theft, vandalism is a major concern for parking lots. One act of vandalism could deter people from frequenting a parking lot and could lead to a loss of revenue in pay-for-parking properties. Without the ability to monitor the property, vandals can easily target parked vehicles or visitors.

In previous years, criminals and vandals could easily tamper with cameras. Some commercial surveillance cameras come with vandal proof security features, however, it is important to remember that placing a security camera out of reach can be as effective. It is also recommended to have secondary lines-of-sight so that in the event a security camera is successfully tampered with, there are others that can maintain eyes on the criminal.

Deter Crime

Studies have consistently shown that criminals will always target the easiest property over a well secured one. Parking lot surveillance cameras are not only able to catch criminals in the act but can deter crime completely, as well. This is an important benefit for parking areas and parking garages located in high crime neighborhoods and can keep people and property safe.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Every type of property, including parking lots, has inherent blind spots or areas that are poorly lit or positioned in challenging ways. Parking lots are generally large areas with a constant influx of vehicles and people coming and going. This can make it difficult to identify possible threats to the parking lot property.

Adopting security surveillance cameras can provide a larger field of view which can monitor blind spots or illuminate poorly lit areas. Some surveillance cameras, like time-lapse surveillance systems, can rapidly scan large amounts of video footage and can help security personnel and law enforcement investigations.

Provide Peace Of Mind

Patrons to a parking lot can easily recognize whether the property is safe or if it seems like a risky place to park. If a parking lot seems poorly lit and secured then fewer people will want to park there, let alone leave their automobile unattended there for a long period of time. Installing parking lot surveillance cameras shows patrons that a property owner takes their safety and security seriously.

This can ensure the continued success of a business and can even improve a property’s bottom line in the case of pay-for-parking lots. Safety and security should be a major focus for any successful business or management company responsible for a parking area.

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Parking Lot Surveillance Cameras

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