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Guide to Office Surveillance Cameras

Adopting office surveillance cameras is paramount to the security and safety of workplace assets and employees. The safety and protection of these assets and employees should be a priority for any workplace considering the increasingly uncertain nature of the modern world. However, security cameras in an office must be installed properly in order to ensure the privacy rights of employees are not violated.

Modern security surveillance cameras come in a variety of sizes and types with a vast number of features and capabilities. Understanding what to consider when purchasing these surveillance cameras for an office workplace will ensure the office can take full advantage of these innovative security products. Investing in the security of an office is an important decision that should not be taken lightly.

Continue reading to learn more about office surveillance cameras, including the legality of installing workplace cameras, the major factors to consider when choosing office security surveillance cameras, and the best places to install security cameras in an office. If you have any further questions or require assistance concerning security surveillance products like workplace security cameras then be sure to contact Security Camera King.

Legalities Of Office Security Surveillance Cameras

Personal privacy is an important topic in modern American society and businesses of all kinds must take this into account. In term of security surveillance cameras, so long as their installation and placement do not impact personal privacy, they are usually legal. One question employers ask is if it is legal to install workplace security cameras without informing the employees. United States privacy laws state that so long as a security camera is not recording audio they can be installed and used to monitor and record citizens without alerting them.

When it comes to using office surveillance cameras for audio recording, it is required in most states that at least one-party consent is granted. An office workplace can limit their legal liability by displaying notices throughout the building that conversations and actions may be recorded. Security surveillance cameras in most states cannot be installed in break rooms, restrooms, and other rooms where a certain level of privacy is expected.

Most privacy laws in the United States allow for the installation and use of security surveillance cameras in office workplaces. This allows these properties to protect vital assets, keep employees safe, and guarantee that employees are performing their day to day duties. These benefits mean security surveillance cameras should be a priority investment for any office. It is important to consider that the mere presence of office surveillance cameras can drastically improve the security and even productivity of a workplace.

Security And Productivity

Studies have consistently shown that the presence of security surveillance camera can deter crime and hold people accountable. Criminals will typically altogether avoid properties that use security surveillance cameras and target a much more vulnerable property. This can be extremely helpful for offices located in high crime neighborhoods by protecting them from the threat of burglary and vandalism.

Office surveillance cameras are used by major corporations and companies to hold their employees accountable. Security surveillance cameras can help to improve workplace productivity and motivate employees to perform the day to day duties they are being paid for.

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Choosing The Best Office Surveillance Cameras

There are a vast number of office surveillance cameras available on the market that can drastically increase the security and safety of an office workplace. This wide-ranging selection can make it difficult for consumers unsure of how to choose a security camera system are right. Fortunately, knowing what to consider and the unique security requirements of an office workplace can help narrow down the choices. Below are some factors to consider when choosing the right security surveillance cameras for an office.


The term scalability refers to the ease in which new cameras can be added to an existing surveillance network. Modern day cameras are far easier to add to an existing system than the old CCTV cameras of the past. In previous years, adding a new security camera would require it to be hardwired into the system, which was often challenging and required a professional installer.

Consider whether the office will require new surveillance cameras in the future and what kind of scalability is available.

Visible Or Hidden Security Cameras

One particular choice to make when deciding on office surveillance cameras is to consider where they will be located and if they should be visible or hidden. Depending on local and state laws, it may be illegal to install a hidden camera and vice versa. There are a number of small security cameras designed to remain hidden while producing the same high-quality video feeds of their larger counterparts.

If audio recording is restricted in the office workplace, then it is important to remember to disable audio recording to prevent possible legal issues in the future.

Setup Process

Although modern surveillance security cameras are generally easy to use, some may require professional installation. Understanding what the setup and installation process entails will help choose the right security surveillance cameras for the office workplace. When choosing a security camera installer to professionally install office surveillance cameras in the workplace, it should be known if there are any hidden fees.

Best Locations To Install Office Security Cameras

Proper security camera placement is paramount to ensuring that they are able to provide the most security and safety possible. The right locations can also save money on the need for more security surveillance cameras. One security surveillance camera placed in a strategic location can make a drastic change. Here are some locations that are worth considering.

Entrances And Exits

Keeping track of who enters and exits an office workplace can improve the safety and security of a workplace. Security surveillance cameras placed at these locations ensures that only authorized individuals are entering the office and with high-resolution video feeds, can provide facial details.

Reception And Waiting Areas

The reception area of an office workplace typically receives a large amount of foot traffic, which makes it the right location for security surveillance cameras to be installed. These areas can benefit from smaller and much more discreet security cameras to keep visitors and guests comfortable.

Supply And Storage Rooms

Office supply rooms often contain sensitive documents and valuable property that must be protected. Installing office surveillance cameras in this location can help prevent employee theft and ensure only authorized individuals are in the storage room.

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Office Surveillance Cameras

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