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Based on a study from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on pool alarm systems, “On average each year 350 children under the age of five years drown in swimming pools, with most deaths occurring in residential settings. Also each year, on average, another 2,600 children under five years of age are treated in hospital emergency rooms for near-drowning incidents in swimming pools. About 79 percent of these incidents occur at a home location. These numbers have remained relatively unchanged over the past several years.”

Incidentally, water intrusion devices including a remote alarm are priced from $149 to $200 for surface wave sensor alarms and between $190 and $250 for subsurface disturbance sensor alarms. The wristband alarm system, an intrusion detector recently introduced, costs $179 for one wristband and the remote alarm. It is estimated that about 24,000 pool alarms are sold annually and that sales have doubled since 1994.

There are many types of pool alarm systems but most can be placed in one of two categories:  1. Surface wave sensors or 2. Subsurface disturbance sensors.  There is a third type possibility that is often forgotten and that is a digital video camera pool alarm system.

Let’s start with the digital video camera pool alarm system.  Typically, when someone mentions the words pool alarm systems, digital video isn’t the first thing that pops into their mind.   However, a digital video camera system using the right cameras and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) can avail itself as a very good contender for top-of-the-line pool alarm systems.

A digital video camera with motion detection can be mounted such that the entire pool area is included within the camera’s field of view.  The camera can be set to detect motion.  The DVR can be programmed to send an email and/or trigger an alarm the minute it detects this motion.  Not only does the camera and DVR work as a video monitor but they are now an excellent pool alarm system that can document the entry of the actual intruder (from alligator to human).

Of course, this type of system needs to have the correct features available and just about all of Security Camera King’s DVRs and most of the cameras do.

Surface wave sensor pool alarm systems normally float atop the pool water.

The sensor incorporates an electrical circuit that includes two contacts. One contact rests in the water; the second contact (above-surface contact) is adjusted so that it is resting above the water. When the above-surface contact is touched by water (from a surface wave), the electrical circuit is completed and an alarm sounds. The sensitivity of the device can be adjusted by positioning the above-surface contact closer or further away from the water surface.

There are actually two different types of subsurface disturbance sensors based on how they operate.  These sensors mount on the side of a pool, with portions of the devices being located 1/2 to 12 inches below the water surface. Each device relies on a wave-induced pressure change to activate alarm circuitry. One type of sensor uses a pressure-sensitive switch located at the top of a sensing throat. Water movement creates pressure changes within the sensing throat, which activates a switch to initiate an alarm. The other device relies on movement of a magnetic float below a magnetic sensor to

create a signal that activates the alarm.  Both sensors use electrical adjustments to control circuit response to stimuli. One of the subsurface sensors also uses a mechanical adjustment for the depth of the sensor to increase or decrease sensitivity. Sensitivity increases when the sensor is located closer to the water surface; the device is less responsive when it is placed farther below the surface.

Security Camera King has a myriad of motion detectors that can be used as pool alarm systems placed in an outside perimeter to the pool.  Some of these sensors emit a relatively loud alarm and others may notify the owner silently.

Security Camera King also offers an excellent sub surface alarm for in-ground pools.  Their Product# POOLALARM mounts on the edge of the pool and will trigger and alert if there is any movement in the pool and even if someone tries to move or tamper with it.  The sensing unit is powered by a 9 volt battery (not included) and the remote receiver is powered by a 12 volt plug-in adapter (which is included).  The range of reception of the sensor and receiver is approximately 200 feet.



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