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Power runs through everything right? Power is needed to watch your TV, to use your phone, and to start a car. So how do you think all of your surveillance equipment works? Well, if you have a Surveillance system in your home or business, or even your vacation home, you would know that in order to be able to view your cameras you need a power distribution box for all your CCTV equipment. Many of you may not know what these distribution boxes are, how they affect your surveillance cameras or how to install this box. Here at Techpro Security Products we will be sure to teach you a bit about these power boxes to enhance your knowledge and how they work to power your security camera system.

These power supply boxes, or power distribution boxes, allow surveillance owners to make it as simple as possible to manage and give power to their multiple cameras around your business or home from one central point. Usually the Power Distribution Box is plugged in at the same location where your DVR is placed. Our power supplies are very easy to install in your homes or for any of your other reasons. Each camera’s power cables all just need to be simply screwed into the power supply for the amp voltage. There are a variety of power supplies for the different amount or variety of cameras you own and must power.

Here at we are able to offer you a variety of power distribution boxes to go along with the amount of cameras you may own to be powered by. We also sell packages, so if you’re new to all this type of technology we offer complete systems that come with a set of cameras, a DVR to record, and the correct power supply needed to run your system. We take all the guess work out of the equation for you. You may also call our sales department who will be able to assist you for your best selection of your choice of cameras or money suiting for your business or home. We are located in South Florida and have expanded now to Colorado as well providing later hours for sales questions as well as tech support. Our power boxes provide a better quality electric flow than other small power adapters. They are metal boxes that help protect the inside from being damaged, and must be protected as well from any weather occurrences unless having the weather proof box to apply power to your systems.

The 4 Channel Power Distribution Box (PWR-4)
We at can offer you what we have as a starter, our 4 channel CCTV power distribution box. It is a 12V DC and 110V box. This is a high-quality and very reliable power supply box. Every channel is protected, not allowing fuses to blow. This power box can be mounted on any type of surface and plugged into an AC outlet to power up your cameras in no time. It can handle up to 4 security cameras. It is DC regulated meaning over current and voltage protected. It’s especially a perfect solution if you have a couple cameras set up outside your home in different locations because it could allow you to run your own low-voltage wire to each one.

4 Channel Power Distribution Box

The 8 Channel Power Distribution Box (PWR-8)
Our 8 Channel power distribution box carries 12 V DC with 110 V input. Use a large Phillip screw driver to open the box. You must punch out the ports for your power cables and attach them to the terminal block. Once your cameras are well connected you may turn on your power 8 supply box for eight cameras. Powering multiple amounts of cameras couldn’t get any easier than this. Connections are very easy and a highly recommended product for all to supply power to 8 cameras with just one circuit.


Weatherproof Power Distribution Box (PWR-9-10AWP)
In stock we have a 9 channel 12V DC Weatherproof power distribution box with 10 amps of output and is water resistant. This DC power supply box was designed for the use of being outdoors. It was meant for it to be resistant towards water and for it to be easier to use local power instead of using long runs to use power back to an indoor power supply. It can power up extra items that you may need for your system, for example illuminators, along side with 8 cameras being powered up. It is a solid built power box that will last a long time.


18 Channel Power Distribution Box – UL Listed (PWR-1810A-UL)
At we carry an 18 Channel 12V DC 10 AMP UL listed power distribution box for CCTV cameras. It supplies a total of 10 amps and can be used for most of your 12V DC accessories. This power box has an LED indicator. Also assuring a surge protection and power on and power off switch.


Distribution boxes as we all know are meant for powering your surveillance systems for your home or business. These boxes will supply power to turn on all of your cameras that are connected to your DVR recorder. Now, depending on what kind of video recorder you own and how many channels it contains to hold cameras will determine what kind of power supply you must obtain to supply enough voltage power to all your cameras in order to be able to record or view footage. Connections are extremely easy when it comes to connecting your cameras to these power boxes.

For more information or to take a look at different power solutions for your CCTV Camera System, check our our CCTV power supplies.

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