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Outdoor Security Systems Can Help Determine Weather Damage Insurance Liabilities

062211storm2_t607Severe weather can cause considerable damage to your home. Did you know that an outdoor security system can actually benefit you during a severe weather event? If your home is damaged and you have video footage rolling, you can easily show this to your insurance company. This will help make your insurance claims go much faster. The roof of your home is especially susceptible to damage from high winds, hail and lightning storms. Your outdoor security camera will likely stay intact. Install your security cameras in a sturdy location such as on the eaves of your home. There are a wide variety of security cameras available in many different styles, shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be a security camera expert to choose a new security system. Outdoor surveillance of your home will also improve your safety.

Many potential thieves simply will not go near a home with several surveillance cameras in sight. They will choose a much easier target without surveillance cameras. Make sure you choose a camera system that has enough cameras to cover your enter outdoor area. There are cameras that will record only when they sense motion. You will also find cameras that can record without light at all. These infrared cameras are a popular choice for many homeowners. Motion detecting cameras are a convenient way to save disk space and power since you only record when there is motion. Choose a camera system that allows you to monitor your video feeds online. IP cameras are a popular choice because they are available wired and wireless. The best part is the convenience of monitoring your home with any device that is connected to the Internet.

Shop around for your surveillance equipment to learn about your choices. A home security plan should be developed around every member of your family. Everyone should learn how to turn the system on and off. If you teach your kids how to keep the alarm system on when they are at home alone, you will have greater peace of mind. You can even find some camera systems that allow you to monitor your home from your smartphone. Advanced technology has made this a possibility for most people. You will have to find out if your area has the capability of smartphone monitoring. The best thing is to talk to a security professional who can guide you to the right security devices for your home. Experienced professionals can save you a lot of time when it comes to choosing a system. Unless you are knowledgeable about installing electronic devices, choose a security professional to install your system.

These professionals will guarantee their work and you won’t have to worry about learning how to do it on your own. If you buy your equipment at a store that specializes in security equipment, installation is usually at a very low price. Security professionals will also show you how to work your system before they leave. They will also give you lots of security tips and advice on protecting your home. Following a few simple guidelines will improve the security in your home. Determine whether you need new locks on your doors and windows. Since this is a common place for intruders to enter, it is important that you survey their condition. You will find high-tech security devices made just for your doors and windows. These devices will detect glass breakage or movement to sound an audible alert if compromised.

Instruct your family members on what to do if your alarms go off. If you don’t have your system monitored by an alarm company, then the first step is to call 911 and report your emergency. Call your insurance agent and ask about homeowners insurance discounts for installing a security system. Most insurance companies will give you a discount because you are better protected from losses. Outdoor security systems do an excellent job of monitoring outdoor activity and displaying clear images. Install enough lighting around your yard to illuminate the area when its dark outside. You can install solar lights that won’t increase your monthly utility bills. Make sure you choose solar lights that have a lot of power to light a large area. Motion detecting lights can also be installed. They will only come on if the light senses movement.

Walk through your home and look for signs of weakness that could make it easier for an intruder to break into your home. Inspect your doors and windows carefully. Look at your garage door and the door that leads into your home. The backdoor should also be inspected. Never buy a backdoor that has a window because they are much easier to break and this allows the intruder to unlock the door. Install the best quality locks on entry doors. Deadbolt locks are still the best way to prevent someone from breaking into your home. However, a deadbolt lock must be secured in such a way that it is impossible for someone to kick your door in. These locks should be installed by a professional. Preferably, a home security specialist who knows how to drill far enough into the wood to prevent the deadbolt from failing. Many people are simply not aware of this fact about deadbolt locks.

People think if they have a deadbolt they are protected. A deadbolt that is not installed correctly will fail and the door can be kicked open. Oftentimes, the wood frame surrounding the door comes apart too. That’s because the wood frame is often where people install the deadbolt. Remember, the deadbolt must be installed far enough into a stud to prevent failure. It is always best to have a professional locksmith or security specialist install your locks. The windows should be inspected carefully as well. They should not have a flimsy lock that can be pried open. Without sensors on your windows, they could be opened with a glass cutter. This is a favorite place for intruders to enter your home. Intruders prefer areas of the home where they can hide while trying to break through a window. If you have shrubs, trees or landscaping close to your windows or entry doors, then you could be at a higher risk of home invasion.

Most home invasions are done by amateurs who are not very experienced. If you combine a number of security devices to slow down an intruder, they will likely move on to another home. Doors that can’t be kicked in and windows that won’t open is often enough to keep them away. This is especially true if you have high-tech surveillance cameras staring at them. Bullet cameras are the most recognizable surveillance camera to a thief. The outdoor cameras can not be tampered with nor destroyed. If you can’t afford to buy a surveillance camera system right now, consider buying fake ones. These look just like the real thing and some have flashing lights too. You see most domed cameras in public places such as retail stores and shopping malls. These cameras are hidden inside the dome so no one can tell which way the camera is recording. The wide lenses capture a large area surrounding the camera.

Another way to deter crime is to own a dog. Dogs make a lot of noise and let you know when someone is nearby. Many amateur thieves will not break into a home with a dog. Even small dogs have a constant and loud bark that will discourage the common intruder. You can even find security devices online that make the barking sounds of a large dog when the doorbell rings. Browse through an online security store to see the latest gadgets and devices on the market. You will find everything from safes that look like canned food to sophisticated wall safes. A wall safe is a better idea than a small one that can be carried out by an intruder. Consider storing your cash and jewelry inside a safe that looks like a food can. Statistics show that most intruders never enter the kitchen area. They head straight to the master bedroom for jewelry and cash.

The next popular place is the living room where they look for electronic devices to sell on the black market. While you are walking through your home for a security check, remember that most amateur thieves are looking for items they can sell for quick cash. These include televisions, computers and laptops. Protect your expensive electronics by engraving your driver’s license number on them. This will help police locate you if the items are sold at your local pawn shop. All pawn shops must report items sold daily. They require the driver’s license of the person who sells them items. This information is given to local law enforcement. It is very possible that you could get your items back if they are stolen. You will also contribute to helping the police locate thieves. Inscribing your valuables is just one way to help reduce crime.

Personal safety steps should be taken when you are traveling alone. Try not to shop late at night at your local shopping mall. Mall parking lots are a favorite target for robberies to take place. They could want your wallet, purse or your car and hold you at gunpoint. Shop during daytime hours and always be aware of people around you. Don’t text or talk on your phone when you are walking in a parking area. Robbers are looking for people who are distracted and not paying attention to their surroundings. If you do encounter a suspicious person, you should look them straight in the eye. Eye contact will often discourage a robbery. Call 911 anytime you feel something is not right when you are walking alone. If you are in your vehicle and someone is following you, drive to the nearest police station and honk your horn.

This should discourage your stalker and make them leave the area. Never go to your home when someone is following you. Call the police and report the vehicle’s license number. Consider taking self-defense classes at your local community center. You will also find these classes by looking for martial arts classes. Nothing will protect you from the threat of a gun, but you will be more prepared to handle an average confrontation. This will also give you more self-confidence when you know you can protect yourself. Make sure your cellphone is charged at all times. If you don’t have a charger in your vehicle, then never leave home without checking your phone’s battery. Don’t leave packages inside your vehicle when you are shopping. This will make your vehicle more prone to being broken into.

Car thieves frequent shopping centers and grocery stores looking for vehicles that have navigation systems, laptops or packages inside their vehicles. A common vehicle thief can enter your car within a few seconds. Even if you have an alarm, most people will ignore them since false alarms are a common occurrence. The best thing to do is to place them in your trunk or take them inside your home. If you are inside a shopping mall and someone is harassing you, contact mall security. Mall security will come to your aid and call local authorities if needed. If you work nights, then walk to your car with other coworkers. Parking lots are the next most popular place for people to get robbed.

Arming yourself with knowledge is the best way to prevent becoming a statistic. If you are on a road trip in an unfamiliar area, don’t stop and ask for directions. Use your smartphone or maps to find where you need to go. Don’t stay in a hotel in a part of town where criminal activity is high. Research the area you are visiting before going on your road trip. Of course, never pick up strangers while driving down the road. If you experience car trouble, call the local emergency number and wait for law enforcement or city workers to arrive at your destination.

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