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We all like to hear about it when our systems do what we want them to do. Captures, employee thieves caught, bad guys being arrested, cool chases, etc. Here are a few good CCTV testimonials and success stories.

A Bar in California
Thirteen years ago, Tom Bromley became owner of Two Bits and a Bite Tavern and inherited a CCTV video surveillance system. Tom understood immediately the benefit of video surveillance as a tool to boost profits and minimize loss. He used the system to monitor and uncover dishonest employees and to improve operation inefficiencies. (How long are the cooler doors open each evening?)

But Tom quickly realized that upgrading his video surveillance system was just as important as using it every day.

The new high-definition cameras and monitors increase the accuracy and range of the viewing angle. With stunning 1080p resolution, images are sharper than ever before…even at night, and even when you zoom in. Crisp detail and clear facial recognition kept the Tavern business safer and employees more productive.

“The new high-definition system is excellent. You get more of a view and the detail…it’s just amazing.”

In fact, just recently, a customer accidentally backed into his building causing significant damage to his front entry posts. With high-definition images the car and driver were easily identified, captured on a thumb drive, and an expensive repair bill saved. “If I did not have high definition, I wouldn’t have even known who it was. That saved me $4000 right there in one incident.”

A Grocery Store
“We’ve had our Camera system since 2002. Over the years we have upgraded and now have 24 cameras watching the entire floor….cashiers, stock room, delivery area and parking lot. My previous expertise in loss prevention in the grocery industry taught me that a good surveillance is mandatory to reduce and control shrinkage, employee theft, and shoplifting.

But while controlling inventory shrink is vital, it is not the only benefit of installing a good CCTV system. We use it for vendor theft issues, to help increase employee productivity, and liability issues…it’s just like having a lawyer on your side!

There’s no question that there is more effort and support on the floor as we can monitor from our office and our home. It definitely makes a big difference. The remote viewing is key for us. The peace of mind you get from knowing you can view from home or anywhere in the world is so positive for us and the store, it’s huge! We love the new I-phone app, now we’re really connected.

Our camera system is an essential part of our business and mandatory for a meaningful loss prevention program. If you add in labor, productivity, deterring theft, and peace of mind, it can literally pay for itself IN MONTHS!”

A Major Hardware Home Improvement Store
“Most theft is not external, it is internal…employee theft. I think that this is one of the obstacles in many owners minds about moving ahead with cameras. It’s hard to imagine somebody you know is actually stealing from you.

It’s up to ownership as to how they want to control theft, internal and external. But good controls like our video system have a very high return on investment…and that adds more to the bottom line profit.

A big plus is being able to watch your entire store from our office. Right now I’m watching activity on aisle 4. I’m watching my sales staff work. I’m watching patterns…these areas we have had issues with….our shrink is noticeably down.

Our core shrink is probably 45k annually (cost basis) which is quite a bit. I’m talking 70k retail. We’ve made profit but I know if I can cut my shrinkage by a third, I can pay for the system. And that’s just for the first year. Years 2,3,4,and 5 would be gravy. That gives us more profit and more money to re-invest into our business.

Everybody likes to save money, but what you really get with our Video System is peace of mind knowing we are protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We should have done this 2 years ago.”

A Word from the Sales Department
One of my favorite clients is Night Hawk Security here in Boca Raton. He offers a service that is very interesting and valuable. They provide security camera monitoring of your system. Their operators are on duty 24 / 7 , watching protected areas. When something happens, they dispatch responders and tell them exactly what is happening. Cops know where the bad guys are, how many, and if they are armed. A LOT safer and more effective. If it’s just one kid, looking to steal something, send a guard. Three guys with guns trying to steal a big boat, send more. This takes a camera system from being reactive, showing what happened, to a proactive system, showing what is happening right now. Huge advantage. Watch these videos. First, detecting a fire at a marina before it spreads.

Night Hawk scores again! Thieves apprehended before they even got inside!

A domestic violence event at a condo building-

Scott, the owner of Night Hawk, offers his service to all installing dealers. If you are interested, we will send contact information. As the video is transmitted via internet, distance and location is unimportant.

This one is actually a TV show, but is very informative dealing with shoplifting.

Another from the same TV show, a lumber yard I have been to many times-
Shell Lumber & Hardware-Miami Undercover specialists converge in Miami to rescue a massive home improvement store that’s under siege by shoplifters. The team will work night and day exposing outrageous scams and ridiculous alibis. Watch as they tackle a ring of thieves stealing a forklift, and a weekend warrior trying to pinch a new power tool. But their biggest challenge comes during a sting to expose the clever thief who’s making off with thousands of dollars worth of pricey lumber

Those were some very brazen guys! Without the cameras, they would have no idea what was happening.

If you have any success stories, please share with all of us. We will be happy to give you full credit for your accomplishments.

If you would to see some of our cameras in action, check out some of our security camera day/night video examples.

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