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Retail CCTV Store
Security Camera King is your #1 online Retail CCTV store, for IP and COAX systems, and we also carry access control equipment too!

Our objective is to provide the highest quality and most up-to-date security camera equipment at the lowest price possible. We make sure to always stock the most advanced and latest security camera equipment available at the best price possible. Because we do not carry or use ‘TV-in-a-box’ systems from local shops and department stores, we don’t support or employ such devices. These systems may provide basic and simple CCTV, but are of poor quality, unstable, cannot be upgraded or expanded, and usually lack the most cutting-edge functions. We work with top-of-the-line equipment that we’re happy to offer and a price that’s unbeatable for the quality and features they come with. Many security camera systems are expandable and incompatible with our equipment, but it makes the most sense and is a great benefit to have it so. The benefits of having an expandable and incompatible security camera system are many, but not all third-party systems are compatible with it. Always talk to one of our amazing Sales Pros when you aren’t sure!

As a Retail CCTV Store, our prices are unbeatable. Security Camera King has Coax and IP CCTV as well as Access Control security systems.

Our Coax Cameras and Recorders are the finest in the field! COAX recording is the most popular method in the field, and our selection is the best of the best! Check out what our COAX recorders and Camera selection can do!Coax Cameras are available in a host of configurations and features. We offer fixed lense Coax cameras, motorized zooms, and even advanced PTZs (Pan/Tilt/Zoom). We also provide mounting equipment, power distribution solutions, power and video connections for your installation needs. Pay attention to the fact that our DVRs are hybrid systems and that most of them can support a number of IP cameras in addition to and/or in lieu of some of their COAX channels. If you want to know what features a given camera or recorder has available, ask an expert or simply do a little research. Here are a few common features you will find:

  • Traditional Pixel based Motion Detection
  • Artificial Intelligence Powered Smart Motion Detection which can eliminate non person or vehicle targets
  • Infrared Night Vision capability and on many cameras now featuring Starlight Powered Night Vision image sensor.

If you’re seriously searching for an online retail CCTV store with the highest CCTV System Upgrade you can get, you should check out IP or Network Cameras and NVRs. These cameras can be powered by a Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet (networking) cable, and transmit their data over a singular Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet (networking) cable. Regardless of how it is accomplished, a PoE (power over ethernet) Switch or an onboard POE recorder are typically used for this purpose. A higher-end PTZ may also require external power, or a higher-end PoE and/or PoE+ options like High-PoE and/or PoE+.

Some of the amazing AI based features found in our NVRs include: Facial Capture And Recognition; AI-Powered Perimeter Protection; AI-Powered Vehicle Detection; AI-Powered License Plate Detection; AI enhanced Motion Detection, and even more!

Access Control is the use of smart hardware powered electronic locks such as maglocks and strikes, to ensure controlled access to a given location. Asn aRetail CCTV store, we also carry Elite Series Access control!
Our Access control hardware requires professional installation, and we want to emphasize that much of this requires advanced expertise to install and set up. After reading below and learning about all the fantastic security capabilities Access control can provide, we also encourage you to check out local installers to complete any hardware you buy.

Types of Access Control Hardware:

Magnetic Locks:
A maglock can hold from 600-1200 lbs of force, so someone would have to use 1200 lbs of pulling power to break it open! Even if a lot of force is applied to open the door, it will stay secure!

A strike is a more sophisticated deadbolt that is intended to replace a simple deadbolt. Unlike maglocks, however, strikes don’t rely on powerful magnets. They are mechanical devices that function like an extremely tough deadbolt. The best strikes we sell are rated for 2200 pounds!

The AC access control board is the brains of an Elite Series Access Control System. All AC devices, including locks, readers, buttons, and even your network, communicate with one another via the board.

Readers –  and –  Buttons:
The readers used to control doors monitored by the AC system are installed throughout the location.  They can utilizes various input methods, cards to Key fobs to PIN buttons. They may be used to read Key fobs, keycards, or pin numbers. A more sterile work environment is achieved by using either push-or-contactless buttons.

You may set up and configure a variety of parameters, including your authorized personnel, access systems, monitor and manually control any door locks or devices connected to the system, on your Pcs network from a local PC authorized for use with the system.

Security Camera King seriously offers a wide variety as you can see, they’re the obvious choice when it comes to an Online Retail CCTV Store! When choosing CCTV hardware, your best bet is always to talk to one of our sales professionals, theres no obligation to purchase and they have a vast knowledge of how all this amazing tech works! In order to ensure you always get the right tools for your security goals, make sure to get the right advice and call 561 288 5258 today!


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