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Retail Access Control

Retail Access Control
Security Camera King is a retailer of CCTV products, but we also retail access control hardware too.

At Security Camera King we  specialize in the cutting-edge of security technology, including CCTV, access control, cameras, magnetic locks, and more. Many people know Security Cameras and Security Equipment through and for our namesake, Security Cameras, because we are Security Camera King! However, we also know quite a bit about other security technologies. The best example of how technology has improved is the development of security tech. To begin, CCTV is so great because it fills in the gaps in your security picture. We have been providing top of the line CCTV hardware and security products for over ten years. We started out as a smaller local South Florida  CCTV installer and since then have branched  out into online Retail sales of cctv and retail access control as well!

Lets talk about CCTV first, and why its so important!

Closed-circuit television is one of the primary security layers to be used in securing any scene. The acronym CCTV derives from closed-circuit television and one of the primary security techniques to try and achieve total security. The level of security that is achieved by having multiple layers of security technology working in concert to eliminate failure points and blindspots, such as the one above, is CCTV. It provides you with the ability to at least identify your attackers in the process and verify to law enforcement and insurance companies that an incident outside your control occurred, for example. In addition to serving as a mild deterrent, many burglars will hear the cameras and assume that they’re not worth attempting, since they cannot be seen.

CCTV is not going to magically stop criminals on their tracks by simply having access control. In fact, that is exactly what access control is. Access control is a Security system that utilizes electronically driven locks, card readers, and fob readers, as well as communication control boards and PC software, to give you complete control over who may enter, when, and how. Businesses and homes have much more dynamic control over the printers and doorways on-site than ever before with Access control.

Security Camera King sells the hardware you need to establish access control, but we’d like to point out that a lot of this stuff really requires professional installation. To learn more about all the great security features Access control can provide you, we also suggest considering reliable local contractors for the installation of any hardware you buy.

So what Kind of hardware are you going to need? There’s a few important components in any retail access control system to be aware of. Aside from the main components well cover below, know you’ll also need wires, power supplies, and NEMA  boxes to safely mount many of  the boards and power supplies without worry. One thing we cant stress enough if if you aren’t a contractor yourself, or have experience installing electronics and making construction modifications-  hire an installer!

Our First Component is the AC board itself.

The access control board is the central hub of an AC system. All AC devices such as locks, readers, buttons, and even your network communicate with each other on the board.

After  that, a  very common lock type you’ll see in retail access control is the mag lock, or magnetic lock.

Magnetic locks or maglocks are high-strength electromagnets capable of holding up to 1200 lbs of force shut. That means someone would have to use 1200 lbs of pulling power to open the maglock. The maglocks are guaranteed to keep your door secured even if a lot of force is applied to open it.

A strike is a more sophisticated version of a traditional deadbolt than a maglock. Unlike maglocks, strikes do not employ powerful magnets. They are similar to extremely tough deadbolts, which function similarly. The best strikes we sell are rated for 2200lbs!

You can set up and configure a number of parameters, including your authorized personnel, access systems for entry, monitor and manually control any door locks or devices connected to the system, right over your Pcs network, on the local PC authorized for use with the system. From a local PC authorized for use with the system, you can set up and configure a number of parameters, including your authorized personnel, access systems for entry, monitor and manually control any door locks or devices connected to the system, right over your Pcs network.

Any functional security system, from CCTV to access control, is dependent on the fact that it can be monitored and controlled from the outside. However, access control is a crucial aspect in preventing potentially damaging events in the first place. To achieve total security on-site at your location; call SCK at 561-288-5258 today!

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