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Security Cameras For Business

Having security cameras for business today is commonplace. In fact, it is a matter of economics. Insurance premiums may very well be cost prohibited without a security system. However, businesses should not become complacent. Owners should routinely evaluate their current systems placing emphasis on new camera technology. Once it becomes apparent that a company is maintaining the status quo, criminals will begin to go to work.

security-cameras-for-businessCompanies have a profit and loss computation, and product shrinkage is always calculated in the figures. They know from experience they will lose a certain amount of product through theft. In many cases, the employees make off with the company’s inventory. Manufacturers as a rule do not have customers shopping a sales floor. Retail businesses benefit greatly from security cameras. In some cases, thefts from the sales floor can be identified immediately through real time monitoring.

Types of Security Cameras for Business

§ Motion Activated Fixed Hardwired Cameras
§ Wireless Motion Activated Using Wi-Fi Technology
§ Cameras With Night Vision Technology
§ Fixed Cameras With A Dedicated Viewing Angle
§ Cameras With Zoom Lenses That Can Be Remotely Operated
§ Closed Circuit Television or CCTV Systems For Placement In Areas Hazardous To Humans
§ Networked Video Recorders

Many systems today can be networked so any number of users can remotely view multiple cameras at once. They can also view any recorded images from computers and cellular phones. Typically there will be a need for cameras that pan, are motion activated, can view in low light and have zoom capabilities. Businesses may need a dedicated server for enhanced security. The server can be used to connect employees to the system without fear of hacking. The Wi-Fi connections should also have enhanced security measures in place as well. Learn how to protect the signal from jamming and intrusion, as well.

Sometimes you have To Reevaluate Your Thinking and Methods When it comes to Security

Security cameras for business if properly placed and maintained will reduce customer and employee theft. Additionally, operations such as impound yards and warehouses are targeted simply because of their inventory. Having a quality system in place can capture images that can be used for identification. Location of the cameras is crucial to any security system.

Criminal organizations for the most part will study an operation before striking. They count the cameras and note the field of view. They then look for weak spots and dead areas. They time how long a camera will pan in one direction and so forth. Well-designed systems have fixed cameras in place that cover the dead areas. The camera is usually placed on the opposite side facing the camera that pans. Security personnel may need to re-think camera placement, in some cases.

Having cameras covering the doors and windows is common sense. Criminals naturally assume this is the case. The roof must be covered, as well as, the parking lot. Cameras should be concealed to capture license plate numbers as vehicles drive up to the facility. The location of the cameras would be determined by the geographical layout of the installation. Specialized cameras similar to ones used at fuel pumps and tollbooths are ideal.

Have Decoy Cameras That Operate and Are Highly Visible

The security cameras for business that are concealed should be move at random intervals. This creates a situation where the criminal thinks they have figured out the system when in fact they have not. They have focused on the visible cameras, without realizing covert surveillance is taking place. This technique also works well to defeat employees that think they have the system beat.

You may be The Only One that does not realize You Have Established a Routine

Never allow the system or security personnel to establish a routine. Once a pattern emerges any system or individual can be circumvented. However, randomness cannot be predicted nor defeated. Security managers must be adept at concealing cameras and not broadcasting their intentions. Many times inexperienced people convince themselves that, they must do it the same way each time. They fear that by not doing this they will overlook something. The opposite is true, because the intruder will know with certainty where you are as they break in.

Create Uncertainty Which Will Lead to Inaction by Others

The same holds true for security cameras for business, make the system random or at least make it appear so. Have the security personnel routinely inspect the systems and relocate cameras. This takes the certainty away from anyone that may be studying the operation.

There is the ideal Situation and there is Reality

Security cameras for business can be wireless, hardwired or a combination. Several factors must be taken into account. Will there be guards there to monitor the system? The ideal situation for any business is to have control room. The closed circuit television or CCTV system will receive the images and recordings from all cameras. The room will be staffed with personnel that can respond to any intrusion. However, many times the situation is less than ideal.

The reality many times is lack of staffing and equipment. However, having the right system in place can reduce employee hours. Wireless cameras allow more flexibility. They can be moved to concentrate on a particular area for short periods. This introduces the random factor, which is essential. They use Wi-Fi technology that allows off site monitoring by security staff with a computer or cellular phone.

Personnel can be on call to monitor the system from their homes. Once an intrusion is detected, they can summon police. The cameras can capture and record images to their own memory cards or use the computer’s memory system. The wireless cameras can be located in and around the facility with greater ease.

You never need A Backup System Unless You Do Not Have One

Wireless systems can be bypassed, just like a hardwired one, with the right technology. They operate on dedicated frequencies. There is technology that will jam certain frequencies, but it is sophisticated and costly. However, any system can falter or fail at any time. Having both, systems installed gives greater assurances.

Traditional systems are mounted on the building inside and out. They cover the obvious areas and do a fine job for the most part. Motion sensitive security cameras for business can be used in supply rooms, walk in coolers and warehouse floors after hours. Motion activated cameras in high traffic areas can be predicted however. This happens because they are in constant motion and a pattern can be established. Allowing patterns to emerge is an open invitation to criminals.

Forget the Current Normal and establish a new Normal

You may have noticed businesses such as warehouses and factories have their fixed cameras facing out from the building. A good security practice is to face cameras toward the building, as well. The outward facing cameras are typically mounted high to prevent someone from disabling them. This is a good practice but it can limit the field of view. The solution is to mount concealed cameras facing the opposite direction to provide more coverage area.

What Do Security Cameras for Business Actually Accomplish

Everyone is accustomed to cameras they see them yet they do not. They know that malls and retail stores have them everywhere. Many establishments post decals stating that the premises are under video surveillance. This keeps honest people honest. The fact that everyone thinks a camera is present stops crimes of opportunity. Someone that spots a purse in an unattended shopping cart thinks twice about grabbing it. Professionals however, look beyond the obvious. To serious minded criminals cameras are just another obstacle that must be defeated. Businesses are a party to their own defeat at times. They rely on decals and on the fact that everyone assumes cameras are present.

Professional security specialists analyze the situation from the other side. They conduct training to probe the systems for weakness and failures. Many will often times attempt to enter undetected to test the efficiency of the cameras.

Security cameras for business provide evidence for law enforcement. They are a deterrent and do help prevent a crime from ever happening. Many industries deal in costly materials. The raw product is valuable, as well as, the finished product. They are a target around the clock. Placing a few cameras on the building and in work areas is simply not enough.

The entire facility must have overlapping coverage. It must be evident that security is a top priority, and any attempts to break in would be futile. This is similar to showing overwhelming force. It simply makes the opposing side back down. However, it cannot be a bluff or bluster. It would not take long before someone realizes it is all a front. Many smaller operations can get away with using decoys and misdirection, others cannot.

Know What You Want From Your Security Cameras

High profile targets cannot just use security cameras to catch intruders after the fact. The systems must be used to detect them before they make off with anything. Motion activated cameras with high resolution and night vision capabilities must be out in front. This is the first line of defense. Someone that triggers a motion camera at the outer perimeter can be tracked and evaluated. At this point, other cameras are recording and the staff can either identify the risk or disregard.

Security cameras for business must be of high quality. The facial images must be good enough to provide positive identification. Vehicle license plates must be easily read, as well as, the color and model. There cannot be any dead spots. All of the intruder’s actions must be recorded as soon as they trip the motion-activated cameras.

It Never Hurts To Look behind You Once In Awhile

People naturally assume any encounter will be from the front. Individuals are accustomed to thinking about what is beyond the next curve. Forward thinking is taught in many business schools. This works fine if everyone had the same lessons and adhered to customs and standards. The world of security is not as clearly defined.

Professional criminals draw a circle around a target. There is not a front or back. There are simply entry points because of weaknesses in the system. Security is 360 degrees. It is not just windows and doors. It is the roof, floors and walls, as well. Security cameras for business should encompass all these areas. They act as a deterrent, they gather evidence and they alert you to intrusions as they happen. Think about your system and evaluate what it actually does. Is it designed to act as a deterrent? Will it gather evidence that can be used? Does it alert the security personnel to an intrusion as it is happening?

Security cameras for business should do all of these things. The security of any business is ongoing. The job is never finished. Evaluations should be conducted at random and often. Keep up with technology and learn to think outside the box. You can assume the ones that target you are doing these things. Do not become so used to seeing a camera that it becomes invisible. Know the limits of your system, and always think about what can be done to improve upon it.

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