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Specialized IP Cameras
Security Camera King carries the latest in CCTV tech, including some uniquely Specialized IP Cameras for specific purposes. What are IP cameras, and what makes some of them Specialized IP Cameras? We’ll we will break down his information for you today and talk about some of the best options we currently have available, first a bit about who we are.

For over 10 years, Security Camera King has been providing quality CCTV Hardware and security hardware to the public at amazing retail rates. We started out as a local installation company in Sunny South Florida but grew beyond our roots and now sell our products nationally. While we don’t provide direct installation outside of South Florida, we do offer the best-in-class technical support our customers have come to love and know us for. While our products carry a limited replacement warranty, we offer lifetime technical support on anything we sell. That means you’ll never have to worry about setup, or troubleshooting on your own. Our tech support team is always just a chat or phone call away, Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm EST.

With that out of the way, let’s get to it!

IP cameras are the most modern form of CCTV cameras. That is to say that many kinds of cameras have existed, and still exist alongside and before IP cameras. The oldest CCTV systems used video tape and VCR recorders connected to analog cameras using COAX cables and were rated in TVL, or TV lines resolution. The next step in CCTV evolution came when the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) was created, a machine based on computer technology capable of digitally recording incoming camera data by burning to CD, DVD, or directly to a hard drive. Not long, after this HD technology was introduced to DVRs, and the cameras which connected to them were called COAX cameras because of the cable they use to connect. HD meaning high definition, digital over COAX signals are no longer analog.

IP cameras are a much newer type of camera that doesn’t utilize a BNC or COAX cable at all. In fact, they connect to central recording stations known as NVRs or network video recorders. They utilize ethernet cables to connect to a computer network, alongside the NVR, to cross-communicate data with the recorder. IP cameras offer the highest resolution standards and feature combinations and also generally have higher resolution options. It’s their advanced features we want to talk about though!

IP cameras often also feature some incredibly specialized features, so this is what we mean by Specialized IP Cameras. Let’s take a look at some great examples!

First up we have the 4MP Dual Lens Vandal Dome!

This camera is one of our most interesting Specialized IP Cameras. What makes it’s on unique is that it comes with two, separately hand adjustable 2.8M<M fixed 4-megapixel camera lenses. Both work independently of each other, and this camera is ideal for situations in which a wide area or two cross areas need to be covered. Especially when logistically, mounting multiple cameras would either look less appealing or not be feasible. What makes this unit so awesome is that it’s powered over PoE, which means its ability to receive its power for both lenses, from a single Ethernet cable.

Additionally, It only needs and acquires a single IP address, which means it doesn’t take up two spots on your network. It’s an ELite camera, and compatible with any of our Elite series NVRs!

Next up we have our series of Thermal IP Cameras

Rather than seeing in a typical recording style, the normal ROYGBIV light spectrum, these cameras see in a thermal overlay capable of detecting and displaying the various levels of the heat of anything in the scene. The applications these can be used for also are many, but there are a few common circumstances. Firstly they are often used in permits of large facilities or neighborhoods. This is because as potential unwanted trespassers or people move through areas surrounding these types of locations at night, they are often shrouded by the surrounding environment such as trees and local forestry. Using thermal imaging, it’s much easier to detect people moving in these types of circumstances in the dark, as the camera is not playing detail but simply a thermal reflection of what’s being seen. Additionally, they are designed to detect sudden jumps in heat over a short period of time, for the sake of fire warning and reaction.

When talking about Specialized IP Cameras- it’s hard to leave out our  Licence Plate Recognition Series.

The LPR 3x and LPR 5x. 

LPR or Licence Plate Recognition cameras are really valued in today’s market Thes units when properly installed and positioned can accurately see, capture, display, and record to a database the license plate data of cars passing through their defined field of view. When paired with an NVR with ANPR, or with an SD card, the database can be set up to compare and contrast plate captures. You can set up white and blacklists, and alerts, and even tie it to Access control to allow cars into facilities- though professional setup and installation are highly recommended for use of such a feature!

Thanks for checking ou some of our Specialized IP Cameras in this article today! There’s a lot more where that came from so don’t hesitate to call in or ask questions via chat. Our sales Pros can be reached by clicking live chat at the bottom right corner of the screen, or, by calling 561 288 5258!

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