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Auto Tracking IP Cameras

Auto Tracking IP Cameras
One of the most sought-after pieces of CCTV technology on the market today is Auto Tracking IP Cameras, and SCK has them!

Security Camera King is your #1 source for the latest and greatest in Closed Circut Television and Access Control-related security hardware. We like to provide you not only with the best retail prices on the most cutting-edge options out there, but also make sure that you are fully educated and aware of everything we have to offer! That means taking our time out to write articles on what the best most exciting features we carry do, and which cameras are capable of that feature.s As mentioned above one of our most incredible features and most requested options are Auto tracking Ip Cameras!

There are so many different types of cameras with an even greater number of features it is often hard to keep track of what’s what. Compatibility is also certainly an important factor in making a choice, but above all else is actually understanding what it is you are looking to get! With that said Auto tracking gets asked about quite a bit! Not just because someone is ready to pull the trigger, but often because people aren’t even sure what to expect and just want to know more! That’s okay because with all the movies and Tv out there how can Sci-Fi level things going on in CCTVit’s sometimes easy to let our imagination create false expectations of what our camera can do. Even still Auto tracking may not be something you find on the news primetime crime drama, but, it might actually exceed your expectations after all. So well explain what Auto tracking IP camera sare, and what you can expect them to be able to do for opium!

Finally, in order to use an Auto tracking IP camera, you’ll need an NVR. and NVR is a network video recorder, its a device capable of connecting to and interfacing with IP cameras, also known as Network camera.s Ip is short for internet protocol address, and its how devices on a computer network identify and communicate with each other. Once you have the proper video recorder, in this case, an NVR, you’ll need to interface it with IP cameras. IP cameras utilize a function called PoE, or power over ethernet. This means that they are able to receive their power and transmit their data all over a single cat5e or cat6 ethernet cable. Depending on the recorder you decide on, it will come with a specific number of channels. This could be 4, 8, 16,. or even 32. Make sure to leave a few channels open for your auto-tracking camera!

Now that you know what IP cameras are, let’s talk a bit about PTZ cameras, which will help us fully understand what an Auto Tracker is. A PTZ is a camera that can pan- move side to side, tilt- move up and down, and zoom- magnify its view in or out. An IP-PTZ is a PTZ camera that is also an IP camera. So one important thing to note is any camera that I an auto-tracking IP camera, must also be an IP PTZ, in fact, it has to be an IP PTZ first. Not all IP PTZ cameras have auto tracking,m and it’s an important distinction. With all of that out of the way what makes an auto tracker- “an auto tracker “?

One of the included features in any Auto Tracking PTz, and also found on many IKP camera sand NVRs i IVS- or intelligent video surveillance. IVS allows you to draw imaginary tripwire and intrusion box lines in a camera view so that it can then react when objects such as people or cars cross the line.s Thee reactions can be recorded, alarm triggers, notifications, and more. For auto-tracking capable PTZ however, they have the unique power to use IVs in a way no other camera can do. If an object crosses the break line of an IV rule set by a PTZ with auto tracking enabled, that camera can then attempt to lock onto that object and follow it for a designated amount of time,e. This really works and we can even include a video of how this amazing process in action!

Take a look at this awesome video on how to set up auto tracking!

Now that you know a lot more about Auto Tracking IP Camera, check these amazing products out!

8MP (4k) AT PTZ
Elite NVRS

These cameras may require HiPoe or their own Power supplies, make sure you’re using them with one of our Elite Serie NVRs as well! For more info- give us a call and talk to a sales pro at 561 288 5258! Ask questions and make sure your products will work with the equipment you have!

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