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Important CCTV Terms

Important CCTV Terms
There are many Important CCTV Terms we use every day here at SCK, and all over the security field. Today we’re gonna go over quite a lot of them so strap in!


Our First and most important CCTV term is of course- Security – What is security really?

Security is the act of employing specific measures with the goal of having achieved feeling secure. Secure is a feeling, it’s a feeling we have when we are aware that our surroundings, our belongings, the people we care about, and our own well-being is safe from harm or negative interference. There are many things we can do to increase our security, and therefore feel more secure.

Security Hardware is our next CCTV Term. Security hardware is the name of the category of devices, systems, and components old that use various technologies in order to help us in our quest for better security. Security Camera King is a retail sales outlet for the best security hardware available today! That brings us to what we’re known for the most!

Security Camera King specializes in selling CCTV- or Closed Circut television. So this is the most important of our important CCTV terms.

CCTV has been around for a very long time! For many years it utilized analog technologies but in today’s age, we used either Digital over COAX or IP-based CCTV.  CCTV is generally composed of a series of surveillance cameras connected by way of a network or COAX cable to a central CCTV recorder. These cameras capture footage and simultaneously record this footage and display it live to those with access to the CCTV system. CCTV is a primarily reactive solution because its main purpose is to provide recorded video and/or audio evidence of an event after the fact. However, CCTV has some proactive elements. For example, criminals are shown statistically to be less likely to follow through with malicious activities if they see a CCTV system on-site, which shows CCTV is effective as a deterrent. Further, on-site and remote security personnel observing the live footage can react to events in as close to real-time as possible to potentially prevent an issue or stop it from getting worse. That’s what we call a deterrent! Here are some popular terms related specifically to CCTV you’ll hear get used quite a bit!

  • DVR – Digital video Recorders, a recording device used with HD over COAX cameras
  • HD over COAX – COAX cable used to be for analog cameras,s but today they used a digital high definitions signal transmitted over the same cable, to a DVR.
  • NVR – IP cameras connect to Network Video Recorders for the most part, especially when using their most advanced feature. However many DVRs today are hybrid and can also utilize  IP cameras
  • IP ‘Network’ Cameras – These cameras utilize computer technology and computer networks to transmit their data over an ingle cat5e or cat6 ethernet cable. Most often used with NVRs
  • Ethernet Cable – comes in primarily cat5e and Cat6 types, used to connect network devices to a network and transmit/send data. Can also send power to cameras with POE
  • POE – Power over Ethernet – The ability to send power to devices over the same ethernet cable managing their data, allowing for a single cable solution.

A Deterrent is any security measure that either intentionally or as a secondary result causes those who would otherwise have chosen to perform negative or adverse actions at a location to reconsider and therefore have been “deterred” from this type of action. The most common type of deterrent is a monitored alarm system. SCK doesn’t work with alarm we don’t provide monitoring, however, we do highly reccomend alongside your CCTV sytems to install and utilize a monitored Alarm system as well. We also carry an excellent camera called the active deterrence camera which utilizes an embedded alarm signal and flashes on a tripwire offers to deter individuals.

Access Control – Access control is a highly proactive security solution. Access control is a system of components, much like how CCTV is a system of components. With access control, several types of electronic locking devices are installed at various entry/exit points across a facility. These are tied back to a central control station. This station is then also tied to a series of readers which allow those with the proper credentials and/or key devices to enter or exit at the designated time periods set by the system operator. This is proactive because it prevents those without access from even getting into a location.

Thanks for joining us today as we talked about Security Terminology! Well be posting more Terminology articles here soon, so stay tuned. Check out the additional links for more info on some of these ideas! For any questions on product compatibility, availability or any other information don’t hesitate to give our Sales Pro’s a call at 561-288-5258 . Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Tutorials and CCTV info. Until Next time, Stay Safe!

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