Digital Video Recorders

Bus Surveillance Cameras

If you are a school bus driver and you have bus surveillance cameras, you know what a blessing they truly are. Equipment that is visible (whether it’s actually working or off) has an incredibly large deterrence factor. This doesn’t apply to just school buses but all kinds of buses and public transportation.

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CCTV Articles

Electrical Outlet Camera

Why would anyone want to have an electrical outlet camera? That’s precisely what you’ll want people to think. That’s what makes the electrical outlet camera so ideal for covert digital video security and surveillance applications.

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Other Security Articles

Camera Video Monitor

A camera video monitor is used to view either the field of vision being captured by one camera or by a series of cameras in a digital video security system. Digital video camera monitors have made great strides in technological improvements in the last several years producing a higher quality, lighter, and more adaptive piece of digital video security system equipment.

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