What is Access Control
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Security Systems

What is Access Control- By SCK

What is Access Control? Hey everyone, Joe here, and today we wanted to answer the question “What is access control?” We get asked this quite a bit, as many of our CCTV customers are not...

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CCTV Articles

How to Wire an IDTECK iEDC Control Board – 8 Door Access Control

In this article I will explain how to wire Access Control Readers, Mag locks and other I/O Devices to the IDTECK iEDC 8 Door Access Control Board, model number ACP-iEDC. This board is a combination...

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Access Control

Access Control Demystified

If you've never worked with or around an access control system, it may seem like a complex convoluted nightmare of wiring, circuit boards, card readers, and rather confusing software.  In the text to follow,...

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