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View Security Cameras Online

View Security Cameras Online
With all of the options available out there, know that with SCK there’s no charge to view security cameras online, we’ll tell you how!

There are a lot of choices you have when it comes to security equipment. At Security Camera Kung we prefer to stock and carry only the most state-of-the-art options out there. There are alot of features you might be able to find across a number of different brands, but the quality and usability of those features will vary greatly from brand to brand. Some features, such as motion detection, lack the ability to truly and accurately report motion data. Others still over-report, and every tiny leaf or insect sets off a host of alarms. You’ll often find these types of issues along with many other problems on lower-quality hardware. More often than not, these types of hardware containing low-quality features will have attractive price tags and be found and convenient locations like department stores or major big box stores. While you might not find such extremely low price tags here on SCK, this is because our Elite Series of CCTV cameras and recorders contain extremely powerful accurate, often Artificial Intelligence powered features that are guaranteed to meet or beat your expectations.

One Feature we get asked about all the time is the ability to view security cameras online. What’s interesting though, isn’t that we get asked so much if this feature is included or not, we do just not as often. It’s just that remote viewing is now a common feature offered by many CCTV companies. Wet get asked most often the following three questions:

  1. How Easy is it to set up the ability to view security cameras online?
  2. What kind of quality and consistency can we expect when we view security cameras online?
  3. And most importantly- how much does it cost to view security cameras online?

Well First off well start by saying it costs a whopping ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to view your security cameras online! Well, from us at least it will be completely free. Keep in mind different mobile carriers and cellular companies as well as internet providers have their own data rates. Make sure you’re aware of any data limits or overage charges from your providers, but as far as the service to view your cameras itself- it doesn’t cost you anything. Simply owning one of our CCTV recorders allows you the power to connect it to your home or business ISP. From there, you can utilize any number of PCs and smartphones including iOS and Android to view your CCTV system from the internet, any time, anywhere in the world with no charge from us.

With our CCTV systems, you are given lots of options for features, a point we’re really trying to drive home here! One of those options is the quality of the image of the camera, both as its recorded and viewed live. More than anything else, the quality of viewing your cameras over the internet will be determined by what cameras you purchased, what quality they’re set to, and other settings such as bitrates. The selection of cameras and recorders we have is pretty big, so we always recommend talking to a sales pro first before making a final purchase decision if you’re unsure. In any case, the quality of your remote experience will be directly correlated to the quality you have set and the cameras you have.

As far as consistency goes- this goes back to your ISPs, both at the location of the recorder and at your remote device- smartphone or PC. Your “upload” speed at the location of the recorder should be a minimum of 25 megabits, but 50 megabits are recommended with more always being better. Lower than this and you could experience slowdowns and delays retrieving footage.  This has little to do with the remote service and far more to do with how data moves over the internet from any source. The same thing is true, but for the ‘download’ rate at the end of the remote device. Most 4g or higher cellular signals or broadband internet plans should be sufficient enough to connect without a problem. Rural areas with 3g, or lower connectivity or no internet at all will definitely be an issue, but again this has to do with how the internet works and would be the same for any remote viewing application.  For the most part, we see overwhelmingly positive results for remote viewing connection reliability.

Lastly, the other major concern we get from customers is the ease of setup and ease of use. Setting up remote viewing couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is download our app elite viewer pro for your smartphone. Once your recorder is connected by ethernet cable to your ISP router, it’s as easy as opening the app, and scanning a QR code. Well, include a video at the end of the article showing you this process!

For the PC, you’ll need to write down the serial # of your recorder, and enter it by typing it into the appropriate fields in the Program Smart PSS. This is a few more steps compared to the remote app, but shouldn’t be too difficult. Again We will include a video for setup after the article!

Thanks for joining us today as we talked about the ability to view security cameras online, and how important of e a feature it is to use. It’s a great quality image with a reliable connection that’s easy to set up too! check out the videos below to learn how to get it going, and if you have any questions give our sales or support team a call at 5612885258!

Until Next time have a great day and stay safe!

Smart Phone Elite Viewer Pro Setup (Found on Apple App Store or Google Play Store)


PC Smart PSS Setup (Found on our downloads page, link here)

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