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If it’s to monitor a parking lot or just being part of outdoor perimeter coverage for your home, you are going to need a weatherproof security camera.  In the following article we’ll discuss ratings that are given for this purpose and some of the different types of weatherproof security cameras.

First, before we describe the different types of weatherproof security cameras, let’s talk about a rating system or standard created by the International Electrotechnical Commission (EIC) that is in tended to give the user a more specific description than just using the word “weatherproof.”

Weatherproof security cameras are usually cameras that are made inside a protective case or are cameras that can be placed inside separate outdoor housings that essentially turn an indoor box camera for example, into an outdoor, weatherproof security camera.  But exactly how “weatherproof” are they?

The EIC has defined standards for Ingress Protection (IP) sometimes also called International Protection (IP).  These standards are most commonly referred to as just the “IP code” or “IP rating.”   An IP code consists of the letters “IP” followed by two digits, for example “IP65.”  As you will see, this is actually a far more specific description of the cameras protection from the elements than just using “weatherproof security camera” alone.

The first digit of the IP code describes the amount of protection offered against solids.   This portion of the code ranges from 0 to 6.  The higher the digit, more protection afforded, in regard to the size of the solid.  For example, a first digit IP code of “1” for example indicates protection from any large surface of the body, such as the back of a hand, however there is no protection against deliberate contact with a body part.

The objects (solids) described decrease in size up to a rating of “6.”  For example a first digit IP code of “6” means the device is dust tight.  “No ingress of dust and complete protection against contact.”  When shopping for a weatherproof security camera, an IP code first digit of “5” is very good.

The second digit of the IP code describes the amount of protection offered against liquids (water).  This portion of the code ranges from 0 to 8.  Like the solids scale, the higher the digit, the more protection afforded.  For example, a second digit IP code of “1” indicates protection from dripping water (vertically falling drops). A rating if “5” means protection from water jets from any direction.

A second IP code digit of 8 means the device has so much protection, that the equipment should be “suitable for continuous immersion in water under conditions which shall be specified by the manufacturer.”  Overall, a digital video camera with and IP rating of IP55 or higher is very good.

There are basically three different types of digital video cameras based on shape and each type is or can be made to be suitable as weatherproof security cameras.  In addition, some cameras come from the factory rated as indoor/outdoor, meaning of course they are suitable for either application.

Box Cameras

These are probably the most common used style of security and surveillance camera.  These cameras are very versatile, but they achieve their versatility in and unusual way.  Box cameras usually are purchased without a lens or mounting hardware.  However, the lack of these items provides the owner with versatility by allowing them to choose what goes with the box camera.

Security Camera King offers two different housings that can be purchased for their box cameras.  Basically both are the same, except one model also has a heater and blower to keep the lens clear and the camera from freezing up in cold climates.

Bullet Cameras

These cameras are a somewhat like a box camera however, their overall shape looks something like a large bullet rather than a box.  Bullet cameras usually come with all necessary components and more often then not are good weatherproof security cameras right from the manufacturer.

Dome Cameras

These cameras are available as indoor, outdoor, and indoor/outdoor.  Generally,  Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras are dome cameras also.  The two dome cameras that Security Camera King features with our security camera systems, the 420 TVL Indoor/Outdoor Vandal Resistant and the 520 TVL Indoor/Outdoor Vandal resistant are excellent weatherproof security cameras.

If you have any additional questions about weatherproof security cameras, IP ratings, etc.  please contact one of our security experts today.


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