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Security Camera with Audio

Sometimes a good digital video image for security and surveillance purposes isn’t enough; that’s when a security camera with audio is needed for the job.  Today many digital video cameras as well as the Digital Video Recorders or DVRs include audio as an option.  If audio is an integral part of your system, be sure to check the camera’s specifications to verify that it is audio ready.

Many cameras, including IP (Internet Protocol) ready cameras, offer audio as well as video; in fact most IP cameras offer two-way audio.  Security Camera King has a vast inventory of two-way audio cameras, especially for IP ready units.  Here are a few uses for a security camera with audio:

* A security camera with audio may be needed when it is important to record and document conversations;

* Many home security systems include at least one camera that is often used as a baby monitor.  Having audio for a baby monitor increases the ability to keep a safe watch on a child;

* Gate cameras.  Homes that are protected by fences and include a gate for access need two way audio in their gate cameras so the intentions of the visitor can be determined before entry to the premises;

* Lobby cameras.  Offices, apartment buildings, secure high rises and other similar settings may rather use a digital video camera with two-way audio in stead of a costly security guard station right in the lobby.  The camera will provide a clear picture of the person wanting to gain entry and the audio can be used to find out their intentions and provide them with any necessary instructions.

How does the audio actually work?  The camera simply has a microphone built in or embedded somewhere usually in the camera’s casing or electronics board.  The microphone is normally a powered microphone and connects with BNC and cables to the DVR.  Most DVRs have several audio inputs and one to a few audio outputs.  If the camera is not equipped with a microphone, separate powered microphones may be purchased from Security Camera King.

Security Camera King sells a powered microphone, Product# MIC, that has both the power plug receptacle and the BNC plug-in for the audio cable.  The microphone is sturdy and small so as not to be obtrusive when it is installed along with a digital video camera.  The microphone produces studio quality sound and can be mounted just about anywhere.

WARNING:  There are state laws concerning the recording of conversations without all those participating in the conversation being aware of the recording.  Check with your own state laws to make sure you are complying with state, federal, and/or local laws if you are covertly recording conversations and video images as well.

For many states where a security camera with audio is used, a simple notice or sign posted in the area of the camera is sufficient enough. (For example, “These premises are protected by digital video cameras with audio.  Both video and audio is being recorded.)   Other states may have more elaborate requirements to be compliant.

If you have any additional questions concerning a security camera with audio, please contact any one of our security experts either via on-line “Live Chat” or by telephone at 866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6 PM EST.


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