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When looking to secure a home or business, security cameras are often the first thing to come to mind. Security Camera King (SCK) is the place to go for not only cameras but everything you need to create a full security system. With a wide assortment available including specialized CCTV products, everyone I sure to find what they are looking for. For largescale projects and security installers, we have wholesale surveillance equipment at unbeatable prices. Here, we’ve spotlighted a few of our popular products and answered some SCK FAQs you can get an idea of just why we are seen as a true industry leader. 




PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, Zoom. While many traditional cameras have hinging parts that can only be manipulated manually, PTZs can be controlled remotely. The exact functions of a PTZ vary from unit to unit, but generally, there are controls over the directionality and zoom of the camera lens. Many of these cameras include software options that allow you to program pan, tilt, and zoom presets. You will also be provided with controls, nowadays most often through a phone app, that allow you to control the camera’s movements in real-time. Security Camera King has PTZ cameras in Analog, IP, HD CVI, and Starlight varieties. 



Starlight cameras are the latest innovation in nighttime and low-light surveillance. Previously, nighttime cameras were only able to capture muted black and white video. Starlight cameras incorporate specialized infrared sensor technology in order to display high definition, full-color images even at night.  Starlights are often used for outdoor surveillance, but this is not the only place where they are useful. Starlights are also great for low-light indoor areas like clubs, movie theaters, arcades, and bars. 


Active Deterrence

Active Deterrence cameras allow you to transform your CCTV system into a real-time crime-fighting tool. A few key features set this type of camera apart. They have a built-in microphone and speaker allowing for two way audio. Most importantly, they incorporate advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology in order to provide real-time tracking and response. Programmable virtual tripwires can be used to automatically set of light and sound alarms should a certain restricted area be infringed upon. Our active deterrence line also includes facial recognition, active tracking, and people counting features. 


Vandal Dome

Unfortunately, there are criminals who specifically target security cameras. If you have experienced this problem with previous security cameras or live in a higher crime area, you should invest in vandal proof dome cameras. SCK’s tamper-proof cameras are impact resistant and manufactured to prevent criminals from adjusting the camera’s view. To cater to every need, we have vandal domes in a variety of options including Analog, HD CVI, HD TVI, IP, starlight, motorized zoom, and fisheye lens. 


License Plate Camera

Clearly capturing a license plate number can be easier said than done. Our specialized license plate camera makes it easy with unique features dedicated to consistent, unclouded capture. This camera is made to perform even in low light situations. We recommend including another camera in your system to get a wide view of the vehicle. This way, your license plate camera can focus in on the plate and you avoid needing to enlarge your image and cause pixelation. 



This specialized two camera system incorporates powerful imaging and AI technologies in order to provide hands-free temperature taking. Restaurants, schools, arenas, government buildings, and any other public area can take control of the health of their employees and customers. Our discreet design and comprehensive software allow hundreds of people to be monitored in minutes without the need to take each person’s individual temperature. 



Hybrid HD DVRs

As mentioned above, there is a wide variety of camera technologies still on the market. While IP cameras are quickly becoming the industry standard, many still have analog, HD CVI, and HD TVI cameras in their system. Security Camera King’s powerful hybrid DVRs allow you to integrate all of these technologies into a single security system.  



IP cameras are essentially mini-computers and require a network NVR to store video and make it easily accessible to the owner. With options to support up to 32 cameras, you can easily scale up to create a large scale, remotely viewable smart surveillance solution. 



Security Camera King has been a major player in the CCTV world for over 10 years, and there is a good reason. We have dedicated ourselves to finding ways to address the needs of security customers. Our commitment to our clients is evident in everything from our equipment to the way we do business. So with so many wholesale surveillance equipment options available, why do our customers consistently choose SCK? Wholesale Surveillance Equipment

We begin with the absolute best prices in the industry. Security Camera King both manufactures and distributes security equipment. This allows us to bring you the widest variety of products and the best deals. We have established unprecedented deals with top security brands, and always pass savings along to our customers. We also price our in house products competitively. Should you find the same product for cheaper elsewhere, we will honor a 100% price match guarantee.  

To help troubleshoot and inform, we offer lifetime tech support on all purchases. You will quickly be able to see that our tech team is made up of true CCTV experts and enthusiasts. Our USA based team will be happy to help you solve any issue or clarify any questions you may have. Sales and support on standing by Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. 

On most orders, same-day shipping is possible and we always offer free shipping on orders over $100. We are confident that once you receive your order, you will love your SCK products. But should your needs change, we have a 30 day, no questions asked return policy. 


If you are on the hunt for wholesale surveillance equipment or just need to add a few new touches to your home or business system, there is nowhere better to turn than SCK! Contact our sales team for assistance in crafting your ideal security solution. 

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Wholesale Surveillance Equipment

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