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The Thermal-Temp-Pack was designed specifically to detect human temperature accurately in a highly efficient manner with a safe no contact solution. Two streams are utilized, one for the thermal stream to monitor the temperature while the regular camera stream captures the person’s image via facial recognition. Proper personnel is then alerted when someone’s temperature exceeds a certain threshold. Advanced video analytics allows you to create a wide range of configurations depending on the setting. Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Medical Facilities, Schools, Courthouses, Offices, Government buildings and many other types of venues that have high volume foot traffic can use the Thermal-Temp-Pack to assist with detecting elevated boy temperatures.

This impressive thermal package is able to monitor people’s temperature as they walk through the camera’s view. Offering the latest thermal network camera that combines a Vanadium Oxide (VOx) sensor with a 2 Megapixel visible-light sensor, this high end camera can do both heat detection and facial capture with a dual lens. The facial capture function on the camera will ignore everything other than the head of a person, including a cup of hot coffee. Also the thermal camera can detect body temperature, even if the subject is wearing a hat, helmet or mask. Included is a BlackBox calibration device, making sure that you will always have a standard temperature range for the thermal camera to refer to. The temperature detection being accurate down to 0.2 degrees Celsius. Monitor the temperature of any and all people that walk through your doors simply and without any fuss. 

With the thermal camera and Blackbox, includes a 16 channel AI network recorder and two tripods. With the 16 channel recorder on your side, you can get contact less continuous temperature monitoring and recording with little to no hassle. This recorder has a built in facial recognition database which will allow you to easily identify the person with a fever if they are in the recorders’ database. This Thermal-Temp-Pack allows for accurate and quick detection of any elevated body temperatures that have high foot traffic.

DISCLAIMER: The Thermal-Temp-Pack is not intended for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of any condition. This solution is specifically intended to be used as a screening tool that businesses and/or households can utilize to identify individuals with elevated skin temperature which is compared to a customized reference temperature when someone is on or entering their premises.

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