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How to configure TechproSS to display motion events when motion is detected

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Monitor Motion with TechproSS For Windows

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can get a separate window in your monitoring system that will display Motion events when they are triggered? Well, look no further because you can do it with our Client Software TechproSS For Windows if connected to a DVR, NVR and even and IP camera.

In this article I will show you how to setup this feature using one of our DVRs.

Video Detection Events

This feature on TechproSS For Windows allows you to see alarm events when they are triggered. The software is also capable of displaying events when there is video lost (Camera goes Blank) and video masking (Front of the camera gets covered by hands or spray).

You will have the option to display these events in the main window, or a separate window if you like. The window popup that is dedicated to show the alarm events will never go full screen, therefore you may want to set the video in the main window instead.

Where to download and Install TechproSS For Windows

You can download the latest version of TechproSS For Windows here.

Install TechproSS For Windows and click the desktop shortcut to run the software. The default user and password of the software is admin.

NOTE: This password is not the one that you use to access your DVR, it is just to access the software alone.

TechProSS-Login Screen
TechProSS-Main Screen

How to add a New Device to TechproSS

In this example we are going to add our 16ch Ultimate Mini DVR (DVR-LT16480MHD) to the Software.

Click on “Setting Manage”, “Device Manage”, on the right side menu.\

TechProSS-Device Manage

In the Device Manager, click the “Add” button.

TechProSS-Device Manager Screen

Enter the Title of the DVR and an optional description.

Enter the IP or Domain Name of the DVR, and the Port Number.

Select “DVR” from the “Type” drop down box.

Enter the user and password for login, and also enter the password in the “Confirm password” box.

Click “Save” to add the new device and “Ok” to close Device Manager.

TechproSS-Device Manage Screen2

Your DVR is now added and you can watch Live Video.

Test and connect to your DVR.

Click on “Device List” on the right side menu to show the list of devices.

TechProSS-Device List

To login simply double-click the name of your DVR. Another way to login is right-click and “Login”.

Once logged in, the red mark on the icon will disappear and a list of cameras and alarms will be available.

TechProSS-Device List Expanded

To view the live video, select the first video window, right-click on a device and then choose “Main Stream” or “Extra Stream”. This will load all cameras from that device into the video windows and will connect using the selected stream type.

TechProSS-Device List Extra Stream

Another way to add the cameras to the window is by dragging the device into the first video window to load all cameras; this will connect in “Main Stream” by default. Or you could select each video window individually and choose “Main Stream” or “Extra Stream” for the camera you want to add.

TechProSS-Drag and Drop

To logout right-click on your DVR’s name, “Logout”, or just exit the Software.

How to configure Alarm Monitoring

Click on “Config Manager”, “Alarm Config”, on the right side menu.

TechProSS-Alarm Config

Select the “Arm/Disarm” tab in the “Alarm Config” window.


In the “Add arm by type” frame check the “Motion Detect” box.
Select your device and check “Motion Detect” for each channel you want to activate. Do the same if you have multiple devices.

Select the “Activation Strategy” tab in the “Alarm Config” window. Select a device channel to be activated by clicking the + next to the device name.

TechProSS-Activation Strategy

In the “Type” drop down box select “Motion Detect” (default).

In the “Activation action” frame select the “Channel” to activate when there is a motion detection event for this device channel. For example, if channel 1 picks up motion you can have it activate channel 1 from this device or any channel from any device. You can add multiple channels to be activated.

Set the default video “Window” for this channel. This will auto adjust based on the activation order. For example, if channel 1 and 2 are set to window 1 and 2 and both are activated then they will be in the windows you selected. If only channel 2 is activated then channel 2 will be in window 1.

Change the “Stay time” to the length of time for the activated video to stay open. Click the “Add” button to add the action.

To edit an existing action double click on the action in the list, make changes, and then click “Modify”.

Click “Apply” to save the changes to.

Check “Alarm arm enable” to start the video monitoring, and click “Ok” to exit.

This will be the default action when the software starts up.

TechProSS-Alarm arm enable

NOTE – logout and then log back in to the device to enable the changes

Optionally you can use the Top menu or the System Tray menu to arm the alarm.

These menu options are linked to the global settings in the “Alarm Config”.

If “Motion Detect” is unchecked it will also disable all motion events.

TechProSS-Motion Detect

TechproSS Alarm Window

By default the alarm video will show in a dedicated pop-up window.

TechProSS-Alarm Video Default

To change the Alarm Video window settings click the “Config” icon, and select “Option”.

To use the main window instead of the pop-up then uncheck “Use pop-up window to display alarm video”.

To set multi-view for the alarm video, change “Alarm video window amount” to your desired multi-view.

TechProSS-Alarm Record Basic Setup

Set all devices to login on startup (optional).

TechProSS-Login All devices

Click “Ok” to save the changes.

Restart the Software (Close the software and open it again).

To show the alarm pop-up window manually you can use the Top menu or the System Tray menu.

You can also click on “Tools”, “Alarm Video”, on the right side menu.

TechProSS-Tools-Alarm Video

I hope this article helps you create this simple task to maximize the productivity of this feature.


How to use TechproSS: View Your Security Cameras Remotely

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Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

In today’s world every electronic device can be connected to the internet to have access from virtually anywhere. Like the commercial says “There is an App for that”. Today I will spend some time explaining our camera app; how it works, how to configure it and how to get the most out of it.

First thing you need to know is that the app only works with our DVRs, NVRs and Megapixel Cameras. If you have tried to use it with other equipment, unfortunately it will not be able to connect to those devices.

There are two versions of the app, one is free and the other is a paid version that allows you to configure more in-depth settings.

In this demonstration I will be using TechproSS Plus (Paid Version). I will be configuring a few devices and I will show how easy is to configure and access these devices.

To start, go to your app store and download the app. For Apple devices go to the Apple Store (App Store) and for Android devices you can go to Google play app store. The icons of these manufacturer’s app stores will look like these:

iOS app store, itunes app store google play store icon

After the apps have been downloaded to your phone, tap on the icon to open it and start setting up your connection to the device you are trying to connect.

The following screen will show up when the software is opening:

techpross intro screen TechProSS Screenshot

TechProSS Screenshot

TechProSS Screenshot

Icon Descriptions

Live Preview Icon Live Preview: Allows you to display live video of your cameras connected to a recorder. You have only 4 cameras you can add to the app.
device manager icon Device Manager: From this window you can add your Devices such as IP cameras, DVR and NVRs.
local file icon Local File: Allows seeing any footage you have recorded directly on your phone.
local config icon Local Config: Configuration of PTZ Speed, enable password for the app and snapshot timing.
help icon Help: Provides general help tips for this app.
playback icon Playback: This option allows you to review footage up to 4 cameras simultaneously.
event list icon Event List: Display push notification archived events. Click on any event to access recorded footage.
TechproSS Push Config Icon Push Config: This is one of the coolest features of all. Select a device you want to receive notifications from, and choose the type of notification you wanted to get. You have options such as Motion Detect, Local Alarm, Camera Masking and Hard Drive Alarms.
TechproSS Channel Config Icon Channel Config: Setup the resolution of the Sub Stream of your DVR. Configure how many FPS (Frames per Second) and the Bit Rate each channel will be using. Enable Audio recording or change the camera name if you like.
TechproSS EMap Icon E-Map: If selected; it will allow you to add a graphical Map of your location and you can place the cameras of your DVR in the map for quick and easy access.
TechproSS HDD Report HDD Report: Review the status of the hard drives installed on your DVR, NVR or IP camera. You can see how much space is left on each hard drive, status (Hibernating or Active) and total capacity of the drive.
TechproSS Alarm Out Icon Alarm Out: Activate an alarm output of your recorder. You can activate a siren, a strobe light, flood light and any kind of devices connected to it.
TechproSS Favorites Icon Favorites: Add your favorite cameras from one or multiple units for easy access.
TechproSS Add Icon Add: This option will allow you to add or remove features of the software.

Adding Devices to the App

Adding a device is very simple. Click on device manager device manager icon to add the recorder’s information. You will need to assign a name for the device. This name can be anything you want that will be easy to recognize for the recorder you are connecting. In addition you will be able to see if the connection is using the internal IP address of the device or the external IP address of your network.

The following page will appear and you will need to input the following info:


Name: Connection Name
Address: IP Address of the Recorder
Port: UDP port of the Recorder
Username: Login Username of the Recorder
Password: Login Password of the Recorder
Channel Amount: Total Channels of the Recorder

NOTE: To locate the internal IP address and UDP port of your DVR, go to MAIN MENU>SETTINGS>NETWORK using the mouse of your DVR. To find the external IP address of your network go to

You can now tab on the save button and go back to the main interface of the app by clicking the window button located at the top left corner of the app interface.

TechproSS Live Preview Screenshot

If you are ready to stream video simply click on Live Preview. The interface on the right will appear for you to add cameras to the windows. Click on the (+) sign to select a camera of the device you added previously, e.g. if you named your Device “ Techpro New NVR”, then click on the arrow next to the name to see your cameras.

TechproSS New NVR Screenshot

Select any of the cameras on the list to start streaming video on the selected channel. Repeat the same steps with any of the other cameras you would like to add to the app.

TechproSS Cams Screenshot

The screen shown on the bottom will appear after all of the cameras have been added to the software.

TechproSS Live Preview Window

Note: If you would like to see one window in full screen simply double tap each window to enable full screen. Rotate your phone to view the stream video in “Landscape view”. If you would like to see your 4 windows screens again, simply double tap the current window you are viewing.

In the next section I will explain the menus shown on the bottom picture that you will find in the app.


Click the Home button to return to the main menu of the app.

TechproSS Home Button

TechproSS Sidebar Buttons This option will open the last single camera view.
This option will open the last four camera view.
Close a single camera view.
Close all four of the cameras at once.
If a microphone is connected, click this button to hear live audio feed.
TechproSS Sidebar Buttons Live audio feed is enabled.
2-Way-Audio is disabled.
Press this button to take a Snapshot of the live video stream.
When enabled, it will record live video feed to your phone.
Allows you to unveil the camera menu to add different another set of cameras

In addition to some of the features that the app offers you can also see them while using your phone in landscape mode. Refer to the picture below to see how it looks


You can also save your cameras as favorites for easy access when you need them.

To add cameras simply choose the cameras you would like to add, arrange them as you like and when you finish click the “STAR” button.

A pop menu will open to enter a name, when done click OK to save the settings.

You can then open your favorite cameras by sliding the “Smart Dial” to the left or right position.


Another great feature this app offers is the ability to change the color settings of the life video. Notice that this will affect the live video and also the recordings. You can change the brightness, contrast, Hue, etc.

These settings will affect only the channel you are viewing and not all of the channels at once.

If you want to reset everything back to defaults simply click the last button located in the color menu to revert everything back.


You can also activate any alarm outputs you might have connected to your recorder for the comfort of your phone.

Click on the alarm button located right next the color panel and an alarm panel will appear.

Depending of your recorder capabilities the alarm panel options will be different.

To activate any of these alarms simply toggle any of the “Alarm Out” button to manually trigger a siren, strobe light, etc. Toggle the button back to deactivate the alarm.


Finally, you can Playback recorded footage up to 4 cameras simultaneously.
To start playing back files it is recommended to connect your phone to a Wi-Fi, then click on the (+) button to add cameras to the window. A new page will open asking for beginning time and end time like displaying below.


Noticed that you can only choose a period of 1 Day and not a few days back until the present day.

The next step is to decide what cameras you want to add to the playback window and then the recorded video will start playing back like shown on the right sample.

You can take a snapshot, record portion of the video to your phone; listen to audio, fast forward, pause, etc.


These are some of the key features of this software and I hope you can enjoy this app as much as I do and have fun using it. You can see a demo of this app for tables and smart phone here.