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Applications for a Video Surveillance Camera System

Many home and business owners have begun to adopt a video surveillance camera system to provide continuous safety, security, and peace of mind. The numerous applications and benefits that these systems provide have continued to make them popular.

One of the primary uses businesses and homeowners have benefitted the most from is the ability to monitor their property even when they are not physically there. Modern surveillance camera systems have become extremely advanced in their capabilities and features, yet have also become easier to use than ever before.

Users no longer have the need for expensive professional assistance or downloading (or buying) additional software. Despite the incredible benefits these systems provide, they are surprisingly affordable on most budgets. 

Security cameras are now available in both wired and wireless configurations allowing users many more options. Typically, wired security cameras are considered much more reliable because they do not require batteries or routers.

Despite this, wireless security cameras provide great advantages. With a wireless system, you will not need to worry about hiding wires and the system can be controlled from an existing local network. 

Continue reading to learn more about how a video surveillance camera system can improve security and provide twenty-four-hour surveillance for your business or home. If you have any further questions or would like to learn more, be sure to contact Security Camera King today. 

PC-Based Video Surveillance Camera System

Among the most popular security options are video surveillance systems that can be remotely monitored using common web browsers on a PC located offsite. This allows you to monitor your home or business from anywhere with an internet connection.

A dedicated on-site PC is no longer necessary, saving home and business owners money and time. In this kind of system, the video surveillance system can be assigned to a specific IP address from each security camera. 

When one of your IP network security cameras detects something like motion, it can quickly alert you with a notification and image of what tripped the sensor. The security cameras are easy to set up and each one comes preprogrammed with its own email address. The footage can be viewed in real-time or stored to be viewed at a later time. 

Business Security Cameras

Businesses in every industry all over the world have quickly recognized the incredible benefits that adopting video surveillance systems can provide. Commercial properties and retail businesses are vulnerable to a number of security threats that can end up costing them thousands in lost revenue and merchandise.

Simply installing a video surveillance system can stop crime and keep people accountable. Security cameras can be placed to view a full 180 or 360-degree field of vision in order to monitor aisles.

Security cameras can also be used to monitor employee productivity and ensure that internal theft is not occurring. Many businesses have even begun to use their video surveillance camera system to improve store layout and place products in the most strategic locations. 

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Video Surveillance For Business Parking Lots

A video surveillance camera system for business security can provide many more benefits beyond the interior of the building. Most businesses should consider monitoring the parking lot to ensure the safety of customer and employee parking.

A parking lot can be a tempting target for car thieves and vandals, especially at night. If the parking lot is poorly lit or is not monitored by security cameras, it is especially vulnerable to crime. 

Placing a security camera in a high vantage point can monitor every corner of the parking lot. Security cameras placed in outdoor spaces should be capable of high-resolution images even in low light.

A low light security camera can capture details at night when a parking lot is most vulnerable. Additionally, security cameras can provide important information, such as traffic patterns, that can improve your business’ parking experience. 

Monitoring Open Commercial Spaces

In the past, open commercial spaces, like warehouses or construction yards, have been difficult to monitor due to their size and the constantly changing layout. A video surveillance camera system can effectively monitor large, open spaces while continuing to capture clear, high-quality images.

In the case of a construction project, wireless security cameras can provide a convenient way to monitor a space that is constantly changing. Monitoring an open, indoor space like a warehouse can be done effectively using the right security cameras to capture important or restricted areas.

Workers in this kind of commercial property can also be monitored to ensure their accountability and productivity. Many warehouses will adopt a security camera system to improve their day to day productivity. 

Residential Video Surveillance Camera System

Keeping your home safe even when you are not there is one of the most important responsibilities of a homeowner. Adopting a residential video surveillance camera system has become more popular with homeowners because of the great, affordable advantages it can provide.

There are a variety of applications beyond protecting the home from intruders and burglars. Whether it is monitoring a nanny or ensuring your kids get home safe from school, security cameras can help. 

Monitor Nannies, Babysitters, and Houseworkers

The modern American family is always on the go and there are many occasions when the home may be vacant for a long period of time. The time away from your home will always leave it vulnerable. This is especially true if the entire family goes on vacation.

With a video surveillance system, you will be aware of what is going on in your home even from far away. Nannies, housework, and babysitters have more access to your home than most people. Keeping an eye on these workers will ensure their accountability and honesty.

It is impossible to physically monitor a houseworker the entire time they are in or outside of your home. Babysitters can be checked on whether you are out to dinner or away on business. 

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Video Surveillance Camera System

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