Best IP Security Cameras 2018
Best IP Security Cameras 2018, IP Surveillance Cameras

Best IP Security Cameras 2018

We as a society are living through a truly amazing time in human history. Technology continues to advance at an incredible rate. This also applies to the security industry. With the rise in how affordable advanced technology is becoming, the best IP security cameras 2018 has available are at your disposal. One of the many benefits of using advanced IP security cameras is that they provide excellent surveillance for both commercial and private properties. In this article, I will illustrate some key features and designs of the best IP security cameras. If you are interested in any of the products discussed in this article or you want to learn more about us check out our website here: Security Camera King.
Best IP Security Cameras 2018 | Choosing Your Camera
There have been major advancements in security cameras over the last few years.   Before we get started, let’s go over the different cameras designs that are available to you.

IP security cameras come in a variety of designs and forms. Every single IP security camera design is constructed for a distinct reason and operates optimality in its predetermined setting. What this means is that one IP security camera is designed for security surveillance indoors while another works best in outdoor settings. All of the IP security camera designs that you can get are shown below:

  • Vandal Dome Cameras
  • Indoor Dome Cameras
  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) Cameras
  • Bullet Cameras
  • License Plate Cameras
  • Hidden / Pinhole Cameras

These are all innovations to the traditional box security camera design. Even though the old form is in use in earlier security systems, they come is a big cumbersome shape while these new designs more compact. An awesome breakthrough in recent years has been the pinhole video cameras that can be installed out of sight any intruders.

One of the hardest and most important decisions to make when you are looking for a security camera is considering whether to get High-Definition (HD-CVI/ HD-TVI) or IP Network security cameras. It is of the utmost importance for modern security surveillance systems to be able to connect to the internet. This being the case, IP security cameras are your best option.

Another major benefit of using an IP security camera, besides its remote internet access capabilities, is that it has stunning video resolution.The lowest quality IP security cameras outperform even the top of the line HD security cameras. Here is a video that we have made demonstrating the IP security camera resolution in comparison to HD security camera resolution:

Best IP Security Cameras 2018 | Popular Designs
Bullet Camera

This is a great design if you are looking to monitor a fixed point. Since the Bullet Camera comes at a very affordable price, it is the perfect camera for a low-budget surveillance system. A great bonus of using the Bullet Camera, besides its low price, is that it’s incredibly straightforward to install and mount. The majority of first-time users can set up the Bullet Camera themselves.

Dome Camera

This IP security camera design is a more adaptable and imposing design. The Dome Camera has a large lens, which is why you might hear many individuals describe it as the “eye in the sky”. With it’s intimating design used in many wide open locations, many use it as a deterrence for potential burglars or hooligans. Dome Cameras are designed to make it difficult to know where the camera is facing, making detection avoidance much harder. This is an ideal solution to capture the faces of as many thieves as possible.

PTZ Camera

This is one of the latest designs to come out.The PTZ camera design was created to monitor a large area. Despite the fact PTZ cameras are marginally more pricey than other fixed point cameras, the capability to remotely control the movement of the camera and change zooms and angles and to continually pan eliminates the need for multiple fixed point cameras. Some products even have a full 360-degree monitoring ability.

License Plate Camera

The license plate camera is named for its ability to read license plate numbers from a large distance. It is the most coveted design because it utilizes all of the latest features in one product. Though these cameras are often the most expensive of the different designs, these products will remain valid and in-use for years to come.

IR / Night Vision Camera

Cameras equipped with IR (infrared) or night vision have been in use for awhile. However, newer IP security cameras that come with the Starlight feature provide amazing clarity when recording footage in environments with virtually no light. Below you can watch actual footage of a camera equipped with Starlight technology.

Best IP Security Cameras 2018 | Products
3MP 20x Zoom Starlight Sibell PTZ w/ IR & TVI/AHD (IPPTZ-SBS3IR20XHD2)

  • Megapixels: 3MP
  • Max Resolution:  2048 x 1536
  • Lens: 5.5-110mm zoom
  • Pan Rotation: 360° endless rotation
  • Dimension: 12.48in x 8.2in x 8.2in

2MP Sibell Varifocal Starlight IP IR Bullet Security Camera (IPOB-SBS2IRV)

  • Megapixels: 2MP
  • Lens: 2.8~12 mm @ F1.4-2.8
  • LEDs: 2
  • IR Distance: 98
  • Dimension: 8.62in x 3.43in x 3.43in

4MP Sibell IP IR Motorized Zoom License Plate Camera (IPLP-SB4IRZ)

  • Megapixels: 4MP
  • Lens: 9-22mm @F1.4, angle of view: 29.5°-16.2°
  • LEDs: 4
  • IR Distance: 328 feet
  • Dimension: 14.17in x 4.29in x 4.29in
  • IP66 Weather-Resistant Rating

4MP Sibell IP IR Motorized Zoom Vandal Dome Camera (IPVD-SB4IRZA)

  • Megapixels: 4MP
  • Lens: 3.3-12mm
  • LEDs: 24
  • IR Distance: 65 feet
  • Dimension: 5in x 5in x 4in

Best IP Security Cameras 2018 | About Us / Our Partners
Security Camera King partners with other major companies within the security industry. This allows us to provide for all security needs adequately and makes it easy for us to properly advise anyone with security needs. Digital Security Guard is a security agency that provides 24/7 remote video monitoring. eLine Technology designs, manufactures, and distributes state of the art security cameras. TechPro Security Products use their expertise to both install and advise customers on the best places for camera placement.

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Best IP Security Cameras 2018

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