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Full color Camera at Night Showcase

Full Color Camera at Night Showcase

Hey guys Joe here, and we have a pretty cool combination article and video for you today on our new state-of-0the art Full Color at night camera! Now I’m not going to kid you around, by far the best way to get an idea of the functionality of this camera is not to just read this article but to follow along with the included video just below this paragraph. We took the time to set up multiple different cameras in a room to show you some really amazing comparisons of different camera techs and how they handle, compensate for, or otherwise deal with nighttime levels of darkness.  No camera is 100% perfect at seeing in total pitch-black darkness, and so the best way to really get an idea of how well this particular full color at Night camera performs is to see it in action compared against other cameras trying to deal with the same circumstances. with that said please, check out our amazing video below and follow along with the article which will mostly sum up the video presentation. We hope you enjoy our new full-color camera as much as we do and find it just as amazing!

So as you can see from my stumbling in the video, this room is SUPER DARK- pitch black in fact. Right now we have a super low light environment with just the bare minimum studio lighting to help us see or film at all. As the video begins we are being filmed by our standard 2 MP IP camera. Normally in this lighting, we’d be using Infrared to get a clear- but monochrome image.  Currently, we’re filming with the IR disabled to show you just how hard it would be to see in color in this low lighting. when the IR on any camera is off, it will use its normal color image processing and not the black and white. The picture is dark, grainy, and complex details are nearly impossible to discern. We can do something about that though- let’s switch over to our E-series Starlight IPC and – 

As you can see in the video, It’s now a whole lot better. One of our more sought after technologies,  Starlight Technology, allows this camera to see color in even near-total darkness. This is a technology we’ve had available for a few years now. It has served us well and done a good job of providing a better idea of the surrounding environment, and smaller details you would have lost with a generic-non Starlight Camera. We can certainly agree that you’re seeing me a lot better than we were before- BUT still a bit grainy. What if we wanted an even more clear full-color image in a super low light environment, like this one?

Well, now with our Full-Color camera technology this is completely possible. You can see in the video, the image now is substantially more clear than when it was dark, and even clearly still than the starlight camera.  Believe it or not, the same amount of lighting is in this room right now that has been the whole time, we haven’t switched on an extra bulb or used any tricks. Despite that near-zero lighting, you can see so many details you could not have seen before. Things like hair and shirt color are now completely visible- and detectable by AI features. To take it a step further- these cameras feature a front-mounted Lamp that can provide additional ambient lighting for a near daytime level of clarity- check it out.

You’re looking at the same lighting environment as before, again no changes to the lighting in the video, but now with the front lamps engaged on the full-color camera for maximum clarity! As you can see, Full color is an extremely impressive technology that opens up multiple applications of use. We do recommend, however, that with either starlight or Full color, these cameras be mounted in an ara that has at least some minimal ambient lighting to take full advantage of their capabilities.

Lastly, Let’s take a quick look at this camera in a pure daylight environment. As you can see in a pure daylight environment the camera films an amazing quality image as well- showing at any time of day these Full-color cameras can give you the image you need, with the clarity you expect.

For more information On Full-Color cameras, and any compatibility questions- give our sales Pro’s a call at 561-288-5258, or Chat us in from using the option at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for joining us today, and until next time- Stay Safe!


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